søndag den 23. januar 2011

In friendship and in health

Last week we had two days where we only had to be in school for 2 hours!! So neat, haha. Friday we were free to go at 12 and some girls from my class went by my place. It's the first time someone from my class had been in my house so I was a little self conscious with all my manga/anime posters on my walls. But they just told me my room looked like they'd pictured it.

They looked through ALL my egg magazines. Japanese magazines are so different from the western ones and it was very fun to see them become inspired just like I do.
I did their nails and it was all in all very fun. I'm happy that someone from my class has finally been in my home - it makes me feel more like a part of the class.

Saturday I went to Yin's place. It's been soso long and it was very good to catch up. We watched some movies and just chilled.

I almost didn't go though. My mom has been sick the last two weeks and my dad got sick four nights ago. And I felt it coming over me as well. Still I went.
And now I'm so damned sick, haha. It sucksssss.


6 kommentarer:

  1. Same boots <3

    Det lyder som en rigtig hyggelig weekend ! Er glad for at dem for din klasse måske kan 'forstå' dig lidt mere :D <3

  2. loving the shoes. damn!!!! <3
    do you wear high heels to school?

    rigtig godt at høre (: du er havnet i en god klasse!

  3. Haha, I still haven't had friends over at my apartment because it is so messy. I bet your place is nicer! T_T

    I hope you get better soon!

  4. How nice that some of the girls from your class visited you :D And that EGG didn't frighten them, haha~

    And you look so cute that it's almost ridiculous ♥
    But get well soon, okay? :(

  5. Jeg er også herre meget syg :c
    Du ser fantastisk ud med rottehalerne <3