søndag den 26. december 2010

Happy Holidays?

Merry christmas everybody! I know I'm a little late with all this, but I've been writing this huuuge assignment both before and after Christmas Eve and it's really stressing me out. I only stopped today after 10 hours of hard work because my brain couldn't form genius sentences anymore. Which means I'm not done yet, yes.

I celebrated Christmas at my Aunt and Uncle's place and we were 9 people. It was really nice. I'm not christian so while some of the people from my family went to church I sat down to watch Disney's Christmas Show. That has become a Christmas tradition of mine and I wouldn't miss it for anything.

I always laugh at the places you're meant to laugh even though I've watched all the small films so many times. My fave is absolutely the one with Donald Duck and his cousins, the one were they're having a fight. Which one is your favourite?

Before watching the show I told my family that it most definately was going to be Tangled that was this year's surprise. And it was. So much for surprises, hahah.
And yeah, I'm a total crime rider, taking pictures of the television while it's showing something copirighted. Those pictures belong to Disney, okay?

In the morning on the 24th I came downstairs and my parents had laid a little present out for me. Those earrings. I really like them because they are sparkly, christmassy and yet kind of subtle about it. <3

We ate a lot of food as usual, talked a lot as usual, sang some christmas carols as usual and danced around the christmas tree as usual. And the we ran around the tree and the house as usual. Ahhh, Christmas. My favourite time of the year.

Mass of presents. Man, there were a LOT! But we were all exchanging presents. It took 2 and a half hours to open them all up! Crazyyy. That's a family record - the last one was 2 hours.

On our way back from my Uncle every thing was so white in the countryside. And the sky was kind of amazing. I loved the fact that the sun sent a light beam down on that tree in this shot.

These are my lovely gifts from this year. ElfQuest, Scott Pilgrim, Harry Potter, Woody and Buzz, Toothless, Kick-Ass. They're all there. I really love all of my gifts and I was surprised at the quantity of them. I didn't expect so many!

Every year my parents give me something lame - just for kicks. This year it was those Disney Princess mugs. They're so lame that they're awesome, hahaha.
Astrid and Sascha gave me the small Jessie and Pizza Planet Alien key chains. They are so damn cute. I love them to pieces.

Another thing that took me by surprise was the fact that I got a new objective for my camera. It's the 50mm mr. Plastic Fantastic. I'm so eager to try it out, but that will have to wait until I'm done with writing this assignment!

Long post is long.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg er totalt misundelig på dine super seje gaver og du bliver stadig nød til at invitere til elfquest læse weekend engang.
    Min yndlings er når de synger "fra alle os til alle jer" og Mickey slår på de der ting der
    ps, du må godt åbne øjnene
    Glædelig jul!

  2. For me, it doesn't feel like christmas if I can't watch Disney's Christmas Show. I love it sosososo much. The one with Chip 'n Dale is probably my favorite, but I love the Donald Duck one too. Especially his coat, haha. And Bambi! That one is so cute.

    I'm happy you had a great christmas! Happy Holidays :D

  3. I love that you have SO MUCH light on your Christmas tree >w< Looks so magical and pretty!

    Awwh, the Christmas jewelery is way too adorable ;-; Blingbling *
    And your new bed sheets are sooooooooooo cute!!