lørdag den 8. januar 2011

Spending time on nice things

During Astrid's stay at my place we opened up my Disney Princess Cup Set. One the back of the packages with cocoa there were so much glue/sticky stuff that we could attach them on our foreheads and they would stay there. I can't help but think about all the small children whom have had those packages in their mouths - and all of that glue in there as well.

See this happy face? Explanation:

The January SALE has started. I've been on a couple of shopping sprees because of this. On on one of these trips I bought the items above.
I've been wanting over knee boots for a long time now and now I finally have some! The price tag stated that they were on sale for 250 DKK and I have a max of 200 DKK when it comes to shoes (and eveything else). So I was really in doubt about buying them, but eventually did because I knew I'd regret it if I didn't - they were the only ones left in my size. And when I went to the counter, the saleswoman said that the tag was wrong and it was in fact 150 DKK that was the correct price. And then I was SO happy I'd decided to buy them.
I can't wait to do a rocking coordinate with the army printed jeans !!

The happiness is also because of the fact that I decorated my phone, something I've been trying to find time to do for a month or so. My back was hurting so much after the two hours it took - those little rhinestones almost killed me.

Occasionally I buy Empire. It's kind of expensive here in DK, but I always read the whole magazine so that makes up for it. And when I saw that there was a TRON feature, a year's end recapitulation and a Oscars debate I just had to buy it. Plus Will Ferrel was mentioned a lot. And it was a very good read.


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    You new shirt..I love it *A* I love striped stuff!

  2. Jeg elsker de støvler - gotta buy the same ones <3 <3

    Awh, cacao med skumfiduser, nomnom <3

  3. oooh, I wouldn't mind gulping down some of that cocoa right now. Yum!

    Love your phone and new shirt <3