fredag den 28. januar 2011

Howdie I say to my new wooden captive

Look what the cat dragged in! I went to BR Toys (the biggest toy-seller in DK - maybe just apart from Toys'R'us) and bought some stuff yesterday...
Before christmas I'd looked through their (BR's and Toys'R'us') catalogues and had seen all the awesome Toy Story 3 "merchandise" (read: toys) they had. And I had so many stars in my eyes. They were just kind of (very) expensive so I didn't get myself anything.

But then I heard they had a lot of Toy Story SALE items now. And when I went there everything was so damned cheap that I got 3 things. A talking Woody doll that had costed 450, now 200. A bucket of soldiers that'd went from 250 to 50 DKK. And the funniest of them all - a click-together Buzz for 30 DKK, had been 150.

All those parts in the Buzz figurine haha1 Just like when my dad showed me his old click-together airplanes from his childhood. I think it's a very clever idea and it was so much fun to press the parts out of those containers and put the stickers on him.

Of course the main reason that I went to look at the sale was the hope that there would be a Woody doll. I think he's the one out of the three dolls (Jessie, Buzz and Woody) that is the most screen accurate. And since I've been Jessie I just had to have him added to my home round-up gang. (And look how we match - I'm even wearing my cow scarf!)
Aaaah, so awesome.

I wanted to do something like this ever since I re-watched the first movie. They sort of do the same thing when they're on a mission and has to "take cover" when Andy's mother comes along...

God, I love that tee. And who wouldn't love a Chesire in her ear??


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  1. You suit each other, you and Woody! He looks so accurate - it's really cool. :3

  2. Lucky you! I love toy story as well :)
    Where'd you get your sneakers?

  3. FUFUFUUFUUFUFRRRH, forget about Buzzzzz and the soldiers, I'M SO FREAKING JEALOUS OF THE WOODY DOLL ;__; Srsly, I want it too hahaha. But I just spend all of my money on cosplay materials... barh. FML :'3 <3

  4. Virkelig sødt outfit !! <3 <3

    Og kan så godt lide at du fik alle de figurer så billigt ! Lovely much

  5. the earrings are adoreable! =)

  6. Så skal du altså tage et smut forbi den store Lego butik på Strøget! Der er rigtig meget Toy Story lego på tilbud, omnomnom<3

  7. OMFG NOEH! JEG VIL HAVE EN WOODY OGSÅ! *overveje at få tøj på, bare så man kan løbe ned til BR*

  8. Hahaha, you are so nerdy. But the Woody-doll is perfect for you!! :'D From now on you have to ALWAYS carry him around when wearing your Jessie cosplay!

  9. Omg, he looks so well-made! Suits you perfectly <3
    And so cheap for everything!