torsdag den 20. januar 2011

Enjoying chocolate

Two days ago I received an email from my water aerobics teacher through his facebook group. He owns a spa and had 4 tickets left for a chocolate ceremony and now gave an offer - 2 admission tickets for the price of 1. I called up Louise and asked her if she wanted to join me. She gladly answered yes even though she was sick, haha.

It was a 3 hour session. We went in the sauna and dampbath a lot then followed by 4 trips to the cold water tub. 4 degrees is so damn cold after 40 degrees in a sauna. Brrrr!
We got a facial mask, peeling, full body scrub, some other treats and of course chocolate all over the upper part of our bodies. Not such a deep colours as the one pictured though, haha.
It was really relaxing and nice but we were happy to have paid half price. The session was worth those money but not the dobble. My skin was smooth but too oily after the spa visit.
The escalators had turned off when we got out of the spa. I've never experienced that before - yes, an escelator with a defect that is therefore not running, but never one that has been turned off.

I introduced Lovely Complex to Louise and while talking about it suddenly wanted to read it again myself. It's been about 3 years and I just couldn't help myself. I finished it in two days, haha - stayed up till 4 in the morning on a school night because I kept on reading.... Maybe not such a great choice... But Lovely Complex really makes me laugh like no other romantic manga!

The B ought to be a C as well. The screen must've experienced some sort of electronical error. There is always something wrong when it comes to our trains here in CPH...


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  1. Er stadig så glad for at du ringede, drømmer stadig lidt om det ! Og har btw. fundet et nyt sted vi skal hen, måske <3

    Godt stalker billede !

  2. Årh det ser rart ud :D
    Haha, kender godt den der med at blive for længe oppe xD

  3. Mhmmmm Chokolade :D
    Lyder bare så sært!!!

    Høhø når man siger FU offentlig transport er det ikke kun toge og busser man snakker om XD

  4. Chocolade! hvor lækkert!
    det lyder som en rigtig hyggelig aften :D

    ddu giver mig lyst til at læse Lovely Complex eftersom jeg leder efter noget at læse ! ^^