mandag den 30. august 2010

Drawings of Mickey Mouse

I don't know what happened. I suddenly felt like drawing for real for the first time in 2 years. I felt like I had some time on my hands and wanted to spend it by being creative. I usually just scribble drawings on my school papers - but it's almost always in manga style. I'm not used to realistic drawing at all. And this is my first portrait.
It's funny. I haven't felt this accomplished in the longest time.

This was my outfit today. I really love that t-shirt! It's simple, but has Mickey on it! How much better can it get, haha?
My dad interrupted me while I took the shot, and I said that if he showed up in it I'd post in on my blog! He was like "yea yea you do that, hahahahahahaha" and walked away. Now he is kind of grumpy haha. You brought this on yourself, daddy !


søndag den 29. august 2010

Let the animals loose

Yesterday a bunch of people from the danish japanese fashion forum got together to go to the Zoo here in Copenhagen - pretty much all wearing kigurumis!
I hadn't been to the Zoo for 5 years or so and they've done so much since my last coming there! They've added new animals, buildt a lot of new grounds for both older and new creatures and the park itself has increased in size and become more architectural.

I really enjoyed coming there again. And I loved the penguins as always. How come penguins are so funny? Or at least in my opinion they are. These are like:
Penguin1: Hey bro, you've seen this oddball between us?
Penguin2: Yeah, I mean, like, what's up with him..?
Penguin1: Yeah, no head and stuff... LAME....
Penguin2: Kinda freaks me out...

The monkeys are always great to look at. The small ones are so cute!! And the golden lion monkeys are really gorgeous - so colorful!
I wore my Chesire Cat kigurumi. I would have worn my penguin, but it's in fleece and way too hot for the weather right now, haha!

We were around 27 people or something. And only 5 people wasn't wearing kigurumis! I hadn't expected that - I didn't think they were so big here yet! I remember the time where only 5 girls had them here in Denmark. Now they're everywhere! But surprisingly only 4 people was wearing the same suit.
The monkey came to say hallo. I was so happy haha! Some of the girls said "OH! There's a monkey behind you" and then I turned and there it was. Creeping closer to look at the pink monster on the other side of the class.

We really had a lot of fun and it was also great to see what kind of response we received by going to a zoo as animals. There were so many parents pointing towards us, telling their children that the animals had been let loose and how fortunate the child was too see it!
Though, I was called an old teddy bear by a 9-year old boy. Teddy Bear... I feel sad that he didn't recognize Chesire... That means he haven't watched Alice in Wonderland. What has become of children these days?

I'll end this entry with an elephant. I love them. The sight of them brings me back to my time in India. I wanna play with a little one again... It's one of the best memories of my childhood! Getting tipped over and into the water by a small, furry elephant. I'm even smiling now, just remembering it.


torsdag den 26. august 2010

To infinity and beyond

I saw Toy Story 3 today. I know, I know. That's LATE! But actually today was the danish premiere - they need to translate it into danish so of course that takes a while. I've been waiting for this movie ever since I heard it would come and it was just so much better than I'd thought it would be! And my expectations was high.
How do you guys like my alien-from-Pizza-Planet kigurumi?? I just had to wear it, haha. A lot of grown-ups thought I was really cool and the cinema workers thought I worked there!
*Minor spoilers*

We saw it in 3D wich is always fun if it's an all-animated movie. If not, it pretty much sucks. But How To Train Your Dragon and now Toy Story 3 was so great in 3 dimensions.

I grew up with Toy Story. I loved it so much when I was a kid. And it really pains me to say that I haven't watched the movies in probably 6 years or so. That is such a LONG TIME! But it is really THE movie of my childhood. And even though I haven't watched them in so many years I remember it all. Especially now.
I really like the fact that it's been so many years since the 1st Toy Story - 15 years, jesus man - because it seems as if I've grown alongside Andy. We were about the same age when the first movie came out and now it's the same. He's 17 and I am too.
I really liked that the movie focused on Andy's feelings for the toys. He really loved them and loved being a boy, but at the same time he wants to grow up to be a fine man. Pretty much story of my life atm - in my case as a female of course.

The movie had it all. I was smiling almost all through the movie, laughing so hard at the jokes and facial expressions that I have grown to know and I also cried. A lot, haha. It was so sad that I just couldn't help it. I must admit I was thinking to myself: "Pull yourself together!! They're just toys!!" but then again, they're so much more than that in my eyes.

In the picture above Buzz have turned into a much more romantic kind of guy - meet SPANISHHH Buzz, who likes to get a move on in the dancing way.

I did miss some of the toys that didn't appear in this movie, but there was so many new toys that it didn't matter all that much. I really like all the new character designs they'd probably worked their asses off for and it was really a joy to watch.
And Woody and the guys are like magic after all !

I remember loving Jessie when I watched the second movie. But then I got a little older and watched it some more and ended up finding her annoying. So I didn't really know how I'd deal with her having a big role in this movie. But turns out she was really COOL!!! She was sweet and yet kind of hardcore. That was probably the surprise of the movie. No, not true. There was so many surprises. Just can't put them all down in words.

These are the only ones I need to tell you: Watch the movie! NOW! ASAP!

Arr, I want to watch it again... and again... and the other two as well...


Putting dates down with fashion

I've been urging to do this to my 2010/2011 school calender for quite a while now. I think the ones you buy are just way too ugly, so I out pretty faces on my home-made cover. I pick what inspires me and work like a maniac for some hours.

I also did my calender last year and that one looked like the picture above. I really liked that one and it's wierd that I can't seem to find it. I had it home with me from Japan, but I haven't seen it since I unpacked...

This was the final result for this year's cover! It's not perfect but I don't care. I want to be able to see that apair of shaky and excited hands have put it together. Man, it was really a puzzle! To get all the different forms to look good with each other, haha!

So now I'll be able to go to school with my gal pride intact! Haha.

School is really hard. Getting to know people, finding my place in an already established class, doing double homework because I have to read what they read last year etc... And work isn't making it any better... I think I'll have to quit working in H&M.. It is really too stressful as it is now...


mandag den 23. august 2010

Queery Copenhagen

This Saturday I went to The Copenhagen Gay Parade with Yin and Ariellah. It's probably my 4th year coming there or something. I come to celebrate the fact that humans can love each other and declare that there should be no limits to whom you can love.
Here in Denmark there are a lot of hate-crimes against homosexuals - not as many as in other countries, but still a lot for Denmark - and I find it incredible that the gay people dares to step up every year and show there love publicly.

The parade is the culmination of the Copenhagen Pride week in which a lot of events take place. I've never been to anything but the parade though. It's always pretty crowded and the drag queens are fantastic! I saw some very hot drags in stewardess clothing and as always the ones with sky high heels and gigantic hair.

I should probably mention that I am not a lesbian myself. I just don't judge people by the person they love. Love is a beautiful thing in any form. Even with feathers coming from giant head pieces all over the place.


fredag den 20. august 2010

AVATARRR ("The last airbender")

I went to see the Avatar movie yesterday with Line. We'd really been looking forward to seeing this, even though we kind of knew we'd be REALLY disappointed. We were prepared to sit like "NOOO OH GOD, MAKE IT STOOOP" throughout the whole movie. But turns out it really wasn't so bad!


Haha, this was my starting point. I was really negative when the movie started. But then it started with the sillouhetes doing the 4 kinds of bending, the same as what the series open with in every episode! And then Line and I was jumping up and down in our seats happily haha.

The worst thing in the movie is that all Fire Nation are all Indian people! I mean, it is really clear in the series that they are chinese, japanese or something like that! They have slender bodies and faces, leaning eyes and their skin color is yellow-ish. So them beind Indian is really just wrong. Plus they are wearing classic chinese-ish clothing in the movie too, and... yeah. Just wrong.

And then their uniforms! (still talking about Fire Nation) They were really kind of western instead of being asian as they should be. Also, the series' uniforms are really nicely designed, so I was counting on the movie having just used those!

Moving on to Appa. In the series he is just so funny, cute and cuddly.

aaand in the movie he's like this:

When I first saw him I was like YESSS, because we saw him from behing. But when we saw his face Line and I was like URG. It just looks odd. When I look at the animated Appa now they kind of look very much alike, but it just still seems off with that face. I don't really know why though.

So my opinions about the movie:
- Indians are a no-go and their clothes and uniforms sucks (it looks like cosplays)
- Aang's tatoos was great. It wasn't a blue arrow, but the small signs forming an arrow was more realistic, and therefore all right.
- Katara was so not hardcore and Sokka wasn't funny and Jackson didn't play him very well (which they should have been). Plus, they had perfectly white skin, while they should have been tanned.
- Aang was kind of nicely casted. He had his PERFECT moments and that was great. The same with Yue.
- Zuko's scar was way too small
- In the end of the first season in the animeated series Aang becomes a giant monster because of the death of the koi fish (Moon Spirit), THIS:

But that didn't happen at all. I had been waiting for it the whole movie! He just bended the water. LAME.
- The bending was A-MA-ZING! Probably what made the movie not suck.
- The story was kind of confusing and rushed, but that was fine, because we could remember all the parts the movie skipped, haha. But for those who haven't watched the animated series, the movie would probably be very confusing. You didn't really get to know the persons either, only slightly Aang and Zuko.

So I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either.

This was my outfit. I really like that dress !!
Wow, loooong post. Sorry, haha.


tirsdag den 17. august 2010

Studious relaxation

Today was a very busy day. 8 hours of school and then directly off to work. I was beat when I got home, but of course I had to do my homework. I was sensible and did it immediately after my return instead of doing 100 other things - like I have come to do for the last year. Oh, the beauty of writing an essay in the middle of the night due to skipping.

So right now I'm about to put on one of my favourite facial masks and watch some random movie. I need energy! And I'll get it from staring into the screen for 90 relaxing minutes. Socializing and learning new things is serious business afterall.
Also, today some girls from my class helped me find everyone on Facebook. There's something we never accomplished in my last class. So now I've got 27 new facebook friends. Haha, it really lifted my spirits and I'm ready for another day in the classroom!

I finally got around to torment my cellphone enough for it to have space for danglers (no, it was not included in the phone, so I've actually kind of knowingly broken it). I did it to get my Ponyo dangler in action and was happy to see her gofy face all the time today, haha. And then I found out that she'd lost a leg when I got home! I was so sad. And angry. Mostly angry, haha. But what can you expect from such things, made for 0 DKK in China...


søndag den 15. august 2010

Rainy catwalk record

Yesterday I went to the World's greatest catwalk that was held in Copenhagen city. The fashion week, that is going on atm, was trying to create the longest outdoor catwalk the world has ever seen and the record therefore belongs to Denmark now. About 220 models participated and walked the 1.6 km.

The fashion week had expected about 100.000 spectators, but due to the rain I don't think so many turned up. But I don't really know. The models had it really rough, becuase the carpet got really wet and slippery. Many heels cracked and we saw a model fall.

This is the 9999th picture my camera has taken. Already. Kind of crazy.
The catwalk cost 5 million DKK which is a lot of money in my opinion. I think the money could have been better spent, but it was a nice enough event.

I went with Stine and Yin. We had fun standing with 2 umbrellas while 2 cameras were in action at all times haha.
The streets were filled with people and the metro was more crowded than I have ever seen in Denmark. It was almost like returning to Japan, haha!
Emil joined us after the walk and we all went to baresso to get dry. It kept on raining harder and harder and after 3 hours or so we just went out and got wet once again.

When I got home water was coming in from the ceiling and the walls. We ran around trying stop the rain from reaching the floor. It was pretty wild. I walked home in rain to my ankles and I was even wearing heels. I've never seen so much rain with my own eyes, haha.