torsdag den 26. august 2010

To infinity and beyond

I saw Toy Story 3 today. I know, I know. That's LATE! But actually today was the danish premiere - they need to translate it into danish so of course that takes a while. I've been waiting for this movie ever since I heard it would come and it was just so much better than I'd thought it would be! And my expectations was high.
How do you guys like my alien-from-Pizza-Planet kigurumi?? I just had to wear it, haha. A lot of grown-ups thought I was really cool and the cinema workers thought I worked there!
*Minor spoilers*

We saw it in 3D wich is always fun if it's an all-animated movie. If not, it pretty much sucks. But How To Train Your Dragon and now Toy Story 3 was so great in 3 dimensions.

I grew up with Toy Story. I loved it so much when I was a kid. And it really pains me to say that I haven't watched the movies in probably 6 years or so. That is such a LONG TIME! But it is really THE movie of my childhood. And even though I haven't watched them in so many years I remember it all. Especially now.
I really like the fact that it's been so many years since the 1st Toy Story - 15 years, jesus man - because it seems as if I've grown alongside Andy. We were about the same age when the first movie came out and now it's the same. He's 17 and I am too.
I really liked that the movie focused on Andy's feelings for the toys. He really loved them and loved being a boy, but at the same time he wants to grow up to be a fine man. Pretty much story of my life atm - in my case as a female of course.

The movie had it all. I was smiling almost all through the movie, laughing so hard at the jokes and facial expressions that I have grown to know and I also cried. A lot, haha. It was so sad that I just couldn't help it. I must admit I was thinking to myself: "Pull yourself together!! They're just toys!!" but then again, they're so much more than that in my eyes.

In the picture above Buzz have turned into a much more romantic kind of guy - meet SPANISHHH Buzz, who likes to get a move on in the dancing way.

I did miss some of the toys that didn't appear in this movie, but there was so many new toys that it didn't matter all that much. I really like all the new character designs they'd probably worked their asses off for and it was really a joy to watch.
And Woody and the guys are like magic after all !

I remember loving Jessie when I watched the second movie. But then I got a little older and watched it some more and ended up finding her annoying. So I didn't really know how I'd deal with her having a big role in this movie. But turns out she was really COOL!!! She was sweet and yet kind of hardcore. That was probably the surprise of the movie. No, not true. There was so many surprises. Just can't put them all down in words.

These are the only ones I need to tell you: Watch the movie! NOW! ASAP!

Arr, I want to watch it again... and again... and the other two as well...


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  1. I finally saw the film too :D
    It was great and I REALLY wish I had that kigu
    Its AMAZING hahaha XD XD

  2. haha jeg elsker at du havde din alien kigu på. genial mann :D
    Jeg vil virkelig også gerne ind og se den, men jeg er broke, så jeg skal vælge mellem Toy Story og Inception. dilemma!

  3. Så den til en forpræmiere i starten af august! Tror ALDRIG jeg har grædt så meget over en film.. Den er simpelthen fantastisk!!

  4. Nu får jeg virkelig lyst til at gå ind og se den! :D lyder som om du havde en rigtig god oplevelse omkring filmen.

    Er det virkelig 15 år siden den første film udkom? woooa :D !!

  5. Wah, jeg vil også se den! =O ELSKEDE Toy Story da jeg var lille. Kan huske at jeg aldrig købte den selv, men lejede den igen og igen fra biblioteket<3 :D

    Og den kigurumi er virkelig awesome!

  6. ahhhh you've really inspired me to finally buy a kiguuu!! something ive always said id do, but never would hahaha