tirsdag den 17. august 2010

Studious relaxation

Today was a very busy day. 8 hours of school and then directly off to work. I was beat when I got home, but of course I had to do my homework. I was sensible and did it immediately after my return instead of doing 100 other things - like I have come to do for the last year. Oh, the beauty of writing an essay in the middle of the night due to skipping.

So right now I'm about to put on one of my favourite facial masks and watch some random movie. I need energy! And I'll get it from staring into the screen for 90 relaxing minutes. Socializing and learning new things is serious business afterall.
Also, today some girls from my class helped me find everyone on Facebook. There's something we never accomplished in my last class. So now I've got 27 new facebook friends. Haha, it really lifted my spirits and I'm ready for another day in the classroom!

I finally got around to torment my cellphone enough for it to have space for danglers (no, it was not included in the phone, so I've actually kind of knowingly broken it). I did it to get my Ponyo dangler in action and was happy to see her gofy face all the time today, haha. And then I found out that she'd lost a leg when I got home! I was so sad. And angry. Mostly angry, haha. But what can you expect from such things, made for 0 DKK in China...


7 kommentarer:

  1. Awh :( Stakkels handikappede Ponyo :(

  2. Sowwy, I thought she was sushi

  3. YOur Stitch bow is AMAZING!! :D
    and now I want to watch Ponyo for the billionth time XD

  4. Noo Ponyo ponyo.. <3 den stakkel. Lyder til at du har haft en hyggelig, men lidt stressende dag :)

  5. Same here.. En dag med skole og arbejde suxxx big time )):
    Håber du er kommet ind på en god skole.
    - Emma Wain

  6. Woooah, sounds so hard and stressful D: But it's awesome that you did your homework right away instead of just postponing it :D

    27?!?! Daaaamn, your class is big! But classes always are in the beginning, I guess.

    Legless Ponyo? Sexy.

  7. I love Ponyo. And Stitch on your bow XDD