mandag den 23. august 2010

Queery Copenhagen

This Saturday I went to The Copenhagen Gay Parade with Yin and Ariellah. It's probably my 4th year coming there or something. I come to celebrate the fact that humans can love each other and declare that there should be no limits to whom you can love.
Here in Denmark there are a lot of hate-crimes against homosexuals - not as many as in other countries, but still a lot for Denmark - and I find it incredible that the gay people dares to step up every year and show there love publicly.

The parade is the culmination of the Copenhagen Pride week in which a lot of events take place. I've never been to anything but the parade though. It's always pretty crowded and the drag queens are fantastic! I saw some very hot drags in stewardess clothing and as always the ones with sky high heels and gigantic hair.

I should probably mention that I am not a lesbian myself. I just don't judge people by the person they love. Love is a beautiful thing in any form. Even with feathers coming from giant head pieces all over the place.


4 kommentarer:

  1. You're amazing for showing your support <3

  2. Yay <3 I 100% agree with your opinions in this post.. Og love på dine to armbånd + det lille "human rights are my pride" klistermærke.. :'3

  3. I really like your opinion. I would visit such a parade aus well although I'm not a lesbian either ^^.

  4. I am yet to visit a gay pride yet, but even as a straight person I wanna go!! I hear such good things about it, I want to go to the Brighton one here in England!

    Kitty x