torsdag den 26. august 2010

Putting dates down with fashion

I've been urging to do this to my 2010/2011 school calender for quite a while now. I think the ones you buy are just way too ugly, so I out pretty faces on my home-made cover. I pick what inspires me and work like a maniac for some hours.

I also did my calender last year and that one looked like the picture above. I really liked that one and it's wierd that I can't seem to find it. I had it home with me from Japan, but I haven't seen it since I unpacked...

This was the final result for this year's cover! It's not perfect but I don't care. I want to be able to see that apair of shaky and excited hands have put it together. Man, it was really a puzzle! To get all the different forms to look good with each other, haha!

So now I'll be able to go to school with my gal pride intact! Haha.

School is really hard. Getting to know people, finding my place in an already established class, doing double homework because I have to read what they read last year etc... And work isn't making it any better... I think I'll have to quit working in H&M.. It is really too stressful as it is now...


2 kommentarer:

  1. Too stressful in H&M? Liek can I haz your job then? *A* I need job in KBH!! *klynk*

    AW!! Flot kalender ^^ har oz lige klistret i min for ikk så længe siden men din er meget pænere =w=;;; <3

  2. I think your new calendar is SOO cute!! Makes me want to put on some crazy gyaru makeup NOW :D

    I'm sad to hear about how stressed you are :( I hope you can manage your job. But it's also good that you're careful not getting too stressed out!