onsdag den 11. august 2010

Dreams and new classmates

I watched Inception the other day. Everyone here in Denmark is so hyped about this movie, so I was very eager to watch it after my return from Japan. We'd thought of watching it over there, but since it was expensive we decided to wait.
Since I had heard nothing about the plot before watching it I won't spill the beans about the story.
I thought it was good, but not as awesome as the newspapers and my friends say it is. The special effects were awesome, but the plot lacked a bit in my opinion at some points.

Speaking of special effects. There was this one scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a sort of no-gravity sphere. It was so nicely done and it didn't seem fake at all. That was probably the only time during the whole movie that I was amazed.
I thought it funny how many of the actors have appeared in the new Batman movies. Like Michael Cane and Cillian Murphy (LOVE both!)
And there's also something else. Joseph looks SO much like Heath Ledger. I had heard there was a dude who looked similar to him from my friends, but when I saw him it was really quite a shock. And to think they played together in "10 things I hate about you".

I started school today. And on a new school at that. I was very nervous on my arrival, but I guess it went all right. I'm anxious to return tomorrow in both the good and bad way. So many new faces to learn...


4 kommentarer:

  1. hey...wait... you changed schools? why honey?
    I thought you could just change classes or something. But I hope it will be a GREAt success.

  2. Fedt, nu vil jeg gerne se filmen, hvis effekterne er seje, haha XD der er intet værre end crappy effekter, der bare ligner crap..
    Håber du får det fantastisk i skolen!

  3. Jeg har hørt så meget godt om den film også. Tror hellere at jeg må se den :3 Og vidste ikke at du skulle skifte skole? Håber at du kan lide den så :)

  4. I think the same as you, about Inception. Everyone around here was saying it was AMAZING, when I saw it, I thought it was good but really nothing to be raving about.

    And OMG! You're right he TOTALLY looks like him! I thought he reminded me or something, during the whole movie I kept trying to remember where I'd seen him before!