søndag den 29. august 2010

Let the animals loose

Yesterday a bunch of people from the danish japanese fashion forum got together to go to the Zoo here in Copenhagen - pretty much all wearing kigurumis!
I hadn't been to the Zoo for 5 years or so and they've done so much since my last coming there! They've added new animals, buildt a lot of new grounds for both older and new creatures and the park itself has increased in size and become more architectural.

I really enjoyed coming there again. And I loved the penguins as always. How come penguins are so funny? Or at least in my opinion they are. These are like:
Penguin1: Hey bro, you've seen this oddball between us?
Penguin2: Yeah, I mean, like, what's up with him..?
Penguin1: Yeah, no head and stuff... LAME....
Penguin2: Kinda freaks me out...

The monkeys are always great to look at. The small ones are so cute!! And the golden lion monkeys are really gorgeous - so colorful!
I wore my Chesire Cat kigurumi. I would have worn my penguin, but it's in fleece and way too hot for the weather right now, haha!

We were around 27 people or something. And only 5 people wasn't wearing kigurumis! I hadn't expected that - I didn't think they were so big here yet! I remember the time where only 5 girls had them here in Denmark. Now they're everywhere! But surprisingly only 4 people was wearing the same suit.
The monkey came to say hallo. I was so happy haha! Some of the girls said "OH! There's a monkey behind you" and then I turned and there it was. Creeping closer to look at the pink monster on the other side of the class.

We really had a lot of fun and it was also great to see what kind of response we received by going to a zoo as animals. There were so many parents pointing towards us, telling their children that the animals had been let loose and how fortunate the child was too see it!
Though, I was called an old teddy bear by a 9-year old boy. Teddy Bear... I feel sad that he didn't recognize Chesire... That means he haven't watched Alice in Wonderland. What has become of children these days?

I'll end this entry with an elephant. I love them. The sight of them brings me back to my time in India. I wanna play with a little one again... It's one of the best memories of my childhood! Getting tipped over and into the water by a small, furry elephant. I'm even smiling now, just remembering it.


8 kommentarer:

  1. Syntes det er genialt at tage i zoo i kigurumi! :D

    omg den lille dreng burde tapes fast foran et tv og se Alice in wonderland!! D: simpelthen for dårligt, børn nu til dags ikke har sands for god tegnefilm *at føle sig meget gammel* xD

    Ser virkelig hyggeligt ud ♥

  2. Jeg er slet ikke jaloux over at jeg ikke var med... :C
    Godt at se du har haft det så sjovt :D!

  3. Oh we're such bus tards <3

    Thanks for a great day 8DD
    (And I miss that little creeper monkey D: )

  4. Such a fun idea!!
    If my mum saw there was a giraffe one, she would want to do it too!! XD

  5. Tak for en fantastisk dag og mange flotte billeder <3 elsker de små aber.. savner dem faktisk lidt. Kunne have stået der hele dagen og kigget på dem, haha. De er alt for cute.

  6. Awww, Liv - you look SOO cute in the Cheshire Kigu!
    And I'm happy to hear you had so much fun :D

  7. love the penguins :D hihi

    btw hvor har du købt stjerne-ringen? :b