fredag den 20. august 2010

AVATARRR ("The last airbender")

I went to see the Avatar movie yesterday with Line. We'd really been looking forward to seeing this, even though we kind of knew we'd be REALLY disappointed. We were prepared to sit like "NOOO OH GOD, MAKE IT STOOOP" throughout the whole movie. But turns out it really wasn't so bad!


Haha, this was my starting point. I was really negative when the movie started. But then it started with the sillouhetes doing the 4 kinds of bending, the same as what the series open with in every episode! And then Line and I was jumping up and down in our seats happily haha.

The worst thing in the movie is that all Fire Nation are all Indian people! I mean, it is really clear in the series that they are chinese, japanese or something like that! They have slender bodies and faces, leaning eyes and their skin color is yellow-ish. So them beind Indian is really just wrong. Plus they are wearing classic chinese-ish clothing in the movie too, and... yeah. Just wrong.

And then their uniforms! (still talking about Fire Nation) They were really kind of western instead of being asian as they should be. Also, the series' uniforms are really nicely designed, so I was counting on the movie having just used those!

Moving on to Appa. In the series he is just so funny, cute and cuddly.

aaand in the movie he's like this:

When I first saw him I was like YESSS, because we saw him from behing. But when we saw his face Line and I was like URG. It just looks odd. When I look at the animated Appa now they kind of look very much alike, but it just still seems off with that face. I don't really know why though.

So my opinions about the movie:
- Indians are a no-go and their clothes and uniforms sucks (it looks like cosplays)
- Aang's tatoos was great. It wasn't a blue arrow, but the small signs forming an arrow was more realistic, and therefore all right.
- Katara was so not hardcore and Sokka wasn't funny and Jackson didn't play him very well (which they should have been). Plus, they had perfectly white skin, while they should have been tanned.
- Aang was kind of nicely casted. He had his PERFECT moments and that was great. The same with Yue.
- Zuko's scar was way too small
- In the end of the first season in the animeated series Aang becomes a giant monster because of the death of the koi fish (Moon Spirit), THIS:

But that didn't happen at all. I had been waiting for it the whole movie! He just bended the water. LAME.
- The bending was A-MA-ZING! Probably what made the movie not suck.
- The story was kind of confusing and rushed, but that was fine, because we could remember all the parts the movie skipped, haha. But for those who haven't watched the animated series, the movie would probably be very confusing. You didn't really get to know the persons either, only slightly Aang and Zuko.

So I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either.

This was my outfit. I really like that dress !!
Wow, loooong post. Sorry, haha.


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  1. i refuse to watch this because i like the cartoon

  2. i love your outfit..but the movie not so much!

  3. Indian people are becoming popular. LOLOLOL J/K.

    Your outfit is super cute!!

  4. Bendings yay, indians nay

    Hahaha! Second picture, I saw it too and was like.... yeah xD Og jeg elsker hvor glade Aang og Katara ser ud på det første billede vs. Noah Ringer og Nicola Peltz.

    Igen, vi synes ret meget det samme om filmen. Nu hvor jeg også kigger på Appa (original version), ligner ansigtstrækkene faktisk meget dem, som Appa (film version) har, ja... men tror det er de gule øjne de har givet ham, som får ham til at se hel... Momo-agtig ud i ansigtet? Idk. Tror det ville have været bedre med mørkebrune øjne og længere "pandehår"... Og hvor blev monsteret aaaf ;_; Haha. Men alt i alt godt nok for første film.. Elskede det moment hvor Aang åbnede øjnene og kiggede på Gyatso, hvorefter han blev opdaget og hurtigt lukkede dem igen og trådte tilbage i linjen XD og nu har jeg mega meget lyst til at se den animerede serie igen <3 Yay

  5. ... Har Appa 6 ben? Oh god xD haha. Det har jeg aldrig set før xD

  6. Jeg glæder mig til at se den, forhåbentlig snart :)
    Og du er bare skøn, sikke et sødt outfit!!

  7. I was thinking I was going to hate it as well, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I agree the people they picked to play the Fire Nation was stupid choice, I didn't like them at all, I think they were the worse actors of the entire movie.

    I liked Aang and Sokka, personally. And I agree the bending was fantastic!

  8. Omg I love your outfit! Om nom nom what a dress <3

  9. I wanted to see it but I didn't because I heard it was bad. When I first watched the trailer I was pretty surprised none of the actors looked like the animated cahracters.

    I love your bow X3
    Such a cute outfit.

  10. I was thinking of going to see it knowing it would suck but then I saw the low score it got on IMDB and decided not to waste my money! It sounds like its all effects and no backbone!! Thanks for reviewing it though, still wanna see it when it comes out in blu ray