søndag den 15. august 2010

Rainy catwalk record

Yesterday I went to the World's greatest catwalk that was held in Copenhagen city. The fashion week, that is going on atm, was trying to create the longest outdoor catwalk the world has ever seen and the record therefore belongs to Denmark now. About 220 models participated and walked the 1.6 km.

The fashion week had expected about 100.000 spectators, but due to the rain I don't think so many turned up. But I don't really know. The models had it really rough, becuase the carpet got really wet and slippery. Many heels cracked and we saw a model fall.

This is the 9999th picture my camera has taken. Already. Kind of crazy.
The catwalk cost 5 million DKK which is a lot of money in my opinion. I think the money could have been better spent, but it was a nice enough event.

I went with Stine and Yin. We had fun standing with 2 umbrellas while 2 cameras were in action at all times haha.
The streets were filled with people and the metro was more crowded than I have ever seen in Denmark. It was almost like returning to Japan, haha!
Emil joined us after the walk and we all went to baresso to get dry. It kept on raining harder and harder and after 3 hours or so we just went out and got wet once again.

When I got home water was coming in from the ceiling and the walls. We ran around trying stop the rain from reaching the floor. It was pretty wild. I walked home in rain to my ankles and I was even wearing heels. I've never seen so much rain with my own eyes, haha.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Kind of sad I didn't go. But glad you had fun honey. even though the weather was shit ):

  2. Ah, jeg er glad for at jeg holdt mig indendøre den dag XD sådan stort set i hvert fald. Ikke noget med vand til anklen for mig i hvert fald. Men ja. Det ser ud til at have været et flot event! Jeg hørte om morgenen at det ville blive aflyst wtf? Men det er da synd for modellerne ja.. som om der ikke er pres nok på i forvejen XD

  3. I was at work in BR on Strøget so I saw it all from our big windows and in dry weather ;)

    my very first runway show ^^