mandag den 9. august 2010

Japan Tripping - Tokyo

Okay, sorry for picture spaaam but I just wanted to get out of Japan-entries.

I went to Tokyo Disneyland with my friend Morten, who was in Japan to see the WCS. We met up at Tokyo st. and took the subway to the park. It was much more fun than I had expected it to be and not as hot as I'd feared - though it didn't seem like Morten agreed with me on the latter.

We didn't get to try/see all the things we'd planned to, but that didn't really matter. We saw the two parades and I tried a lot of rollercoasters that I just did not want to try. Morten loves the scary ones so of course he dragged me with him on those - I was shaking like crazy at the end of the day because there had been so many nerve-wrecking coasters.

The evening parade was really something. I thought it a whole lot better than the one in Paris, but maybe that's just because I don't remember that one so clearly. All in all it was a great day and it was soooo nice to see another Dane.

My parents and I went up in the Tokyo Tower and stayed there from about 5 untill it was dark, to see how the city lit up. It was really interesting. It just didn't really look 13 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower, haha.

We also went to Ghibli! This was a trip I'd been looking forward to. I'd really tried to push my expectations down because I'd heard a lot of disappointment about the museum, and it worked! I came with no hopes and was amazed. It was really magical and inspiring.

As ticket to the museum you receive a piece of film from one of the Studio Ghibli films and I got Haku!!! Jesus, I was happy. I totally adore him and my parents got some boring ones.
I was really happy we went there.

Of course we also went to Tsukiji. It was kind of a bad experience because we felt like intruders at an important work-place so we went away quickly. But they had some crazy fish! That squid tentacle was as big as my dad's arm. Yikes!
I wanted to go to the Yoyogi Park flea marked and my parents tagged along. Turned out to be a great sight with about 300 stalls and ordinary japanese people. I got a lot of great things here - my parents had to tell meto stop buying things. It was also great that they, the Japanese, didn't discriminate just because we were foreigners - they told ud the same prices as they would have given their fellow countrymen.

I got my hair colored! It was my first time so I was scared that the color wouldn't be as I wanted it to be. And he actully fucked up. The color is so off the one I wanted. I wanted a caramel/orange color and it turned out reddish purple. I was sad at first but now I don't really care.

We watched the fireworks at Sumidagawa river the last night. It was SO crowded. We'd thought there were many people for the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, but this was just crazy! It was like the whole of Tokyo crammed in one place. We also got to be pushed into trains when we went home, that's how many people were there.

Approximately 20.000 fireworks was displayed in 1.5 hours. And it wasn't bad fireworks at all. It was really impressive. Still can't beat New Year evening in 2000 here in Denmark though.

From the bus on our way to Narita. We were ready to go home.

... but that wasn't how it went. Our flight was cancelled so we had to take a different route home. Instead of 10 hours in a plane we spent 16 hours in two planes and 2 hours waiting for the second one. We were so tired when we finally reach Kastrup airport, only to find out that our baggage hadn't come with us from Rome. We got them 3 days later.

It's good to be home.


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  1. Yeah I've done the reddish purple too... The dyed it two days after XDD

    But it looks like you had a great trip! (not thinking about the trip back to Denmark)
    A shame we couldn't find the time to meet D: (and I could show you my lovely Hiroto in 109-2 <3) XDD;;

  2. Aaah, so much stuff you did in one week *___*

    DAT TICKET. AMAZING. I want to go there sometime with you <3 <3 <3
    The reddish color actually suits you very well, IMHO!

    Baaah, at skulle lægge 8 timer til flyrejsen hjem D: OG JERE BAGGAGE. Jeg ville være død af skræk for aldrig at se det igen D:

  3. Aww, er ked af at SAS fuckede jeres flyrejse up på vej hjem T-T det ødelægger bare humøret, sådan noget..
    Men det lyder til at du har haft en super tur, er misundelig <3 loppemarkedet lyder specielt hyggeligt!

  4. WOWW shit. det må godt nok have været en fucked tur hjem. disneyland er fedt! fleamarkets even better! vil snart se dig <333

  5. I would have loved to go to Tokyo Disneyland, too! The picture of the glowing Cheshire Cat is awesome ♥

    The Ghibli museum is so lovely, it definitely is a very magic place. I loved walking trough these rooms that were designes after Hayao Miyazaki's working place! And so lucky for getting Haku!

    Did you dye your hair in Japan? I heard that Japanese hair stylists often don't know how to work on European hair since it's so different from Asian hair. That might be the reason why it turned out so different. Good that you are not angry about the result tho :D

    (Been reading your blog for a while now, but never commented ♥)

  6. Liv - what are you talking about? There aren't any scary ride in Tokyo Disneyland. Now even in DisneySea :( You wuss <3

    But the last week sounds like lots of fun. Especially the Ghibli Museum!

    Too bad about the hair ;/ But you can always get it re-dyed sometime in Denmark!

    fuck en nice statue!!!

    det ser da ikke så slemt ud med dit hår? :)
    men okay, pænt nederen når det ikke var den farve du ville have, lorte japaner.