søndag den 3. oktober 2010

I need a hero

Late update is late. Friday I went to the villains and heroes party thing I'd told you all about. A LOT of my friends participated, it was kind of crazy. I had so much fun with them all, even though I didn't get to talk that much with all of them.
The first thing I heard when I got out of the train was a guy saying "HEy! Isn't that the chick from Toy Story??". It made me really happy!! At the party my cosplay got really nice comments as well and a lot of people came over to discuss the 3rd movie with me! Really cool - I got to hear that a 30-year old man had been crying like crazy during the last part of the movie.

My friends Laura Craft, Silk Spectre and Green Lantern (not in the picture) let me sleep at their appartement and I stayed there pretty much all of yesterday, where we watched 3 movies under the blankets. So neat, haha.

But back to Friday! You see this red mass? That's the winner of the costume competition you're looking at! Haha, Human Torch was cold all night. The coolest part in my opinion was the fact that he had little lamps in his suit, so that he lit up a bit.
Willy Wonka and Gogo on the side.

Ooooh no, Spidey has run out of web!! Wolverine laughs.

Pretty awesome costumes. Of course not all pictured. It was fantastic because it felt cool and not nerdy at all to walk around in costumes. We all had so much fun, even though there wasn't much to do. Still, I was glad I went.


6 kommentarer:

  1. YOU.

    Shit man.

    I would have loved to participate :(
    Hope you guys had an amazing night! It really sounds like it :D :D :D

  2. Haha, fuck hvor nice at du var Jessie :DDD Ville ønske jeg var kommet tidligere så jeg havde set alle de fancy udklædninger ):

  3. I just saw your album on FB from the party - so many awesome costumes!! :D Looks so cool and like lots of fun!
    And your costume - oh my gosh, can't wait to see it in real life some day *-*

  4. Aww hvor er du bare skøn i det kostume! SÅ flot! *-* hvor er du sej, Liv! Ville ønske at jeg havde haft tid + penge + et kostume til denne fest XD det lyder til at have været pænt awesome nemlig!

  5. OMG LIV! DIT JESSIE SER PERFEKTIONALT UD!!!!!! SUPER!!!! Omg det glæder jeg mig til at se irl!!!

    KBH er GODT nok vild med super heroes/villans-temaer xD

  6. lol ham spiderman failer ret så vildt.