tirsdag den 12. oktober 2010

Welcome home, little girls

Yesterday they called from the computer repair workshop to let me know that my computer was ready! So today I went out for my baby and now she's in my possesion again. Finally! After 2 months it's really wonderful... Urg, I have this horrible urge to glitterfy this image... Damn, can't just ignore it...

-Insert extreamly girly giggle here-

When I got out to go to school this morning I could see my breath because of the cold. And let me tell you this: I have PE in the first lesson every Tuesday morning and we have PE outside. And it was so goddammit cold today. We have this sort of treasure hunt programe these days - we have a map over the area and have to find answers to some questions about locations on the map. We run for at least an hour and it's really hard. And today it was cold too.
Whine, whine, whine. I am in such bad shape. Really, all my once so nice muscles are gone and my body isn't toned either. It took me a half year to build that up, and now it has gone in a month. Shit sucks.

Also... My girl Ponyo came home with me today. Will watch it after dinner with my parents. They haven't seen it, so they'd really like to, because I've cosplayed Ponyo... Can't wait to see Fujimoto in action again!!! (I actually hate Ponyo's personality, I just love her look)


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  1. Sa-chan:

    Haha, kender godt det der med at personligheden sucks og looks er helt i top ;D
    btw, damn girl din computer er glitter agtig xD<3

  2. I wanna watch Ponyo soooooo badly (;A;) !! I think it's liek the cutests movie EVAH!!!!

    Aw, I noticed the breath-thing, too, this morning. And Ice on the grass ._.
    Winter's coming....it's coming...

  3. "Urg, I have this horrible urge to glitterfy this image... Damn, can't just ignore it...
    -Insert extreamly girly giggle here-"

    Hahahaha, that just totally made my day as I clearly imagined you doing that <3 And I know, it's so goddamn cold in the morning x.x But in the afternoon it gets warmer, so I'm never sure of which jacket I should use. And yay, Ponyo!! We have to watch it together sometime soon :3

    (P.S. - Yay, dit pandehår har fået det der rigtige.... swuush, vi har talt om, I sidste billede <3 Dårligt formuleret I know, but you get what I mean XD Looks cute!)

  4. Hahahah, glitterfied computer, I like!
    About time you got Ponyo, haha XD I've come to actually like Ponyo's personality very much C:

  5. IT TOOK THE 2 MONTHS TO FIX YOUR COMPUTER?!?!?! F***ING 2 MONTHS??!!=!?!? That's crazy!!!

    It really is cold outside! I ride my bicycle to school every day - today my legs and hands felt frozen, even though I wore gloves ;_;

    I loove when parents want to watch a movie because you've cosplayed from it :D
    I once saw Howl's Moving Castle with my mom, and she loved it ♥