fredag den 15. oktober 2010


It's getting so damn cold these days. But today I went on AUTUMN BREAK. I'm really looking forward to this holiday, I'm going to do so many enjoyable things!
I already did today, where I visited my old class. It was fun to see them but also a little awkward. I kind of feel like I let them down by changing high schools. But they didn't seem to mind that much, just thought it was funny to see me again.
One of my former classmates just got a LV bag! Damn, I'm so envious...

I'm the kind of person that collects sun sets and downs. And when I saw this sky I just had to run out to the bathroom, hang out the window and snap away. Problem was that it was even more gorgeous 5 minutes later, so I had to run to the bathroom again.

And it became more gloomy. I love it when I see the sky in colors I haven't seen before! That pinkish orange is new for me.

I just thought it was fun to see the development. Nature sure is a fantastic piece of art.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Sikke en smuk solnedgang <3 hvis jeg havde et ordentligt kamera, ville jeg også tage billeder af de solgange vi har her, ud over markerne XD haha. Glæder mig til vi ses! Vil gerne be om din adresse engang btw.... måske i en besked på fb eller noget XD

  2. You look amazing. Marry me pls.

  3. you're adorable on this photo, this hat is so cute and suit you well, and i love your hair style and make-up ! All is pefect ^-^