onsdag den 27. oktober 2010

Hand me that bleeping drink

I love free things. And I love going to school right in front of a station - that way I always get free stuff because it's a place many people cross every day. Today some guys were handing out the new yoggi and I actually asked for two, haha. I love pineapple and mango, so I wanted more than one if they tasted good.

Only bad thing was that there was a whole bunch of fruit fragments in it. And I really hate that in yoghourts. Damn, now I'm almost making a free commercial for Arla :/

It was raining like crazy today and of course I hadn't heard that it would. So I wore open shoes. My luck that they are tall, so a whole lot of water didn't reach my toes.
It's getting so dark in the mornings. This morning I left with the sunrise and had to take these pictures when it was still almost black outside. Raaaage.

I'm cosplaying Kim Possible with Mie at this year's J-popcon. And while looking at scenes from the series I stumbled upon this:


7 kommentarer:

  1. I love your outfit ♥
    Before I moved, I had to take the bus to the train station & so I also got free stuff.
    (& I loved it XD)

    I hate fruit fragments too :/
    (Sadly there are nearly no yoghurts without them .__.)

    Ah..my Englisch sounds so bad D: XD

  2. Dit outfit er virkelig sødt !
    - den video, LOL ! <3

  3. AWWW, det outfit er perfekt. Hvor er du fin.

  4. MMMM fruit flesh. I love <3
    But not in somthing you /drink/.

    It's a really cute outfit! So you :D
    Yeah, the mornings are so dark now :( I can't bike the fastest way to school now, as the road haven't got any light on it, so it's just pitch black whan I have to go Dx

    Awesome video! But Liv... you can't make a better cosplay than the guy in the video. He's just marvelous.


  6. Gratis prøver (især smagsprøver) holder. Bliver lidt ked af det, når jeg bliver nødt til at trykke "ældre indlæg" to gange, fordi det er så længe siden at jeg har læst din blog. Det er ikke sådan når man ikke selv skriver blog nej.
    En dag besøger jeg dig i det sejeste outfit. Så du slet ikke vil kunne genkende mig. Bare vent :-)

  7. Jeg ELSKER frugt stykker i yoghurt!!!! <3 XD Så også de uddelte dem ved metroen, men da jeg gik forbi gav de ik nogen til mig!?!?! D: *rage*
    Meehee total bad-ass med bandanna ;D I love it!