lørdag den 16. oktober 2010

Nightly battle with culture

Yesterday the Cultutal Night in Copenhagen was held. It's a tradition and it's always held on the day that the kids go on autumn break. Some years back the Harry Potter books always came out at midnight on the Cultural Night and it was very magical. I've been to almost all the Nights that's been held in my life time, except two or three, so it's also a tradition for me to go.

When you participate in the Night you have to buy a Culture Pass. It's a badge and it allows you to enter almost all museums, all the galleries, a lot of locations that only opens this one time a year and a whole lot of events have been arranged in book stores, on libraries etc.
We wnt to about 4 museums. I saw the world's largest mussel! It was soo big, haha.

To give you an idea of the size. Yes, very grande mussel indeed.

I tried morsing at the Post and Tele museum! It was actually harder to remember all the codes than I had thought. I got very good at it and acomplished writing a whole sentence! And then Rikke accidentally deleted the whole thing, haha.

There were these fantastic ice scultures! Rikke as superman. There were love seats, motorcycles and monsters. It was very impressive!
The red coat is my Cultural Night coat. I never use it outside of the Night and I keep on adding a new badge every year. It's always very cold so you really need to dress properly! I've gotten sick so many times because of the Night.

gif animator
Gif animator
The Clothes Museum showed a reenactment of the american civil war. It was quite odd since we're DANES not Americans, but oh well - it was fun enough, with loads of explosions. Load the canons!!

Outfit of the day and Night. Though I had to wash my hair before going into the city - it was so messy and I knew I'd never get it untangled if I'd been outside 7 hours more.


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  1. thanks for a wonderful night <3 hope to see you again soon kiss and hugs Rikke ;)

  2. Hvor ser du mega nuttet ud <3 Sikke nogle fine billeder fra museerne også! Lyder vildt fedt.

  3. Dit hår på de sidste to billeder er bare AMAZING *__* Det klæder dig virkelig godt.

    And that's one huge mussel! =O

  4. It's pretty funny there was an American reenactment. XD

    Btw, your outfit looked great!! Love the hair <3

  5. Sounds like lots of fun :D Glad to hear you made your way through 4 museums!

    Too bad you had to wash your hair - that hairdo looks amazing :'D

  6. your outfit and hair look so great! you're very pretty :]

    American civil reenactment is pretty funny...not the kind of thing I would expect xD

  7. MEGA NICE HÅR på det sidste billede!!! du ser SÅ cute ud :-)