mandag den 18. oktober 2010

Housing a gamer

Some of my friends have just bought a house and this Saturday they hosted a house warming party under the name HOUSOWEEN. Clever, huh? We were 13 people or something like that and it was really nice.

You had to be in some kind of costume, but no one had really gone all out. I just wore devil horns, haha (as you can see if you're not blind...) Some hadn't gotten hold of a costume so they just wore fake beards. And we got some too. I'm wearing an orange beard and Line got the Hitler-beard.

I knew most of the girls so it was all very relaxed. Good stuff. I hope Mie won't be mad because I posted this. She's just way too hot to not be posted. I mean, LOOK AT HER <3

We started off dancing and then we settled down to talk and ended up in Nadia's bed, gaming. Story of my life, haha.
Sascha is making wierd faces beside me, so I'll just end it here.

Just one last thing. I forgot this neat picture from the civil war reentactment at the Cultural Night. Fancy horse.


5 kommentarer:

  1. wow weird to see you with dark, short hair like that :P the red mustache is a bit... nasty lol

  2. Ended up in Nadia's bed, gaming.. That's MY life xD ahhahahahahahaha! Thanks for coming and for the awesome present!! :D ~ Hope to see you next time ;D

  3. I absolutely LOVE fake beards<3

    Looks fun :D

  4. Oh, cool heste billede. Total spøgelsesagtigt.
    Lyder som en hyggelig fest <3

  5. I'm not mad <3 If you can't have a little self irony, then you shouldn't go to parties >D <3

    HAha ej men det var en rigtig hyggelig fest, og fedt at se dig igen! (Selv om jeg var herre bange for du ville komme til at træde på mig med dine høje hæle... <- Story of my life)