tirsdag den 16. februar 2010

Turning super?

Sooo, I finished my PROJECT! I'd seen Yumachi wearing these wayyy to cool jeans in the February issue of Egg and I was inspired! I completely adore superheroes, so I was sold at once !
I know it's really hard to see, but it is also a very small picture in Egg, so this is the Egg jeans:

And here is my finished result ;P I think I'll really use these jeans now - before they were ugly and big, but I sew them up and in and now they fit me much better! Can't wait to wear them <3>

I bought these booties yesterday as well - as Yin mentioned in the comments last post.
When the weather is decent enough to wear high heels I'll totallt wear them :3

I went to my braces dentist today. I'm wearing this brace every day 4 hours and all night. Man, my teeth kinda hurt right now D: the braces were tightened today, that's why.
Wow, I just realized that I'm wearing this sweater on a lot of pictures in this blog. It's just so warm, and there's so cold outside <3


4 kommentarer:

  1. aw batgirl jeans. nice :D
    I love the picture of you, you just look so sugarsweet Liv.

  2. Thanx both :D

    Aww, Anna baby <3

  3. I wore those braces too! XD how much time until they take them off? D: