mandag den 15. februar 2010

Happy Valentines

Happy (late) Valentines! You all had a nice day? I went out with Yin, Stine and Anne and we saw Valentines Day ;p it was actually better than I'd thought it would be and we laughed a lot. So it was funny but had a suckish plot - a nonexisting plot, that forgot it only happened in 1 day XD

Today I worked on my SECRET PROJECT. Uhhh ~ will post the finished result tomorrow ;p

Then I went to work, wearing this :
It's crazy how easy it's become for me to wear nails. In the beginning I could do nothing with them on, and now I can do whatever I want to. Pratice has made me better 8D

I bought these boots today for 40 DKK <3

Until tomorrow :p

2 kommentarer:

  1. aww cute boots!
    And you look good as always! <3

  2. What about your other boots? They were pretty awesome.