fredag den 12. februar 2010

Lovely(?) Holiday

So, today almost all schools in DK go on winter break - 9 days of no school. I don't think I realized how much I needed this break until now... There's some problems in my class about the lectures not being on the right educational level and the student not treating each other as respectful as they could. Plus we're more grouped than a regular class, in reality not really a class. So that is just really tiring and frustrating because I thought high school was for people who wanted to learn. Seems like half the class doesn't think so?!

After school I went to work. I work at a bookstore in the mall Frederiksberg Centret. It's not at all interesting - I clean the staff rooms, take the garbage down etc. I would really like a better job - more in pay (right now I get what they have to give me and no more, 52 DKK) and more hours of work (I only work 4 hours a week). I want more money in the bank for Japan. These days that's a thing I think about often - moneymoneymoneyforJAPAN. Haha, pathetic.

But today my boss told me that I could take some books from this staff shelf if I wanted to have some. So I brought these home:
It's these:
- Mr. Sebastian and the black magician (same author as Big FIsh, really looking forward to this one)
- The Last Weekend in the World (a youth book)
- Timebath (some mystery)
- Catch Me When I Fall (a thriller)
- The Shadow's Apprentice (fantasy)
and the 3rd(?) Artemis Fowl book.

FREE BOOKS. I'm slightly smug and very happy. These books all cost 150-300 DKK in the shop.

So... One of the guys at my working place is cool and we connect pretty well. We just joke around and that stuff. We have this friend wibe. Then today some of the others asked what he was doing for Valentines and I said he had a hottt date. He was like "Nooo?" and then asked me what I should do and I told him: "I'm going to hang out with 3 of my friends and go watch Valentines Day in the cinema" and then he asked if we shouldn't be each others' dates, since none of us had one. I thought that we were joking around so I told him no, because my friends would be sad and then he was like "Oh....okay....".... SUDDENLY SAD? So I don't really know if I was asked out today... @.@;;

I feel really tired now. And then also strangely hyper because of the free books, holiday and was-I-asked-out thing (in that order). Hence the really wierd pictures here:

You know, sometimes you just want to see a person llooking odd or stupid. Well, there you go!


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  1. ommggg you can hang out with him at day?! do ittt!!

  2. Haha, no I can't - I only know him from work and since I'm not really a part of the team we don't have each other's numbers ;p