mandag den 22. februar 2010

Child and present obsessions

I have fallen in love with this country-ish gal look. I am actually quite obsessed. Hence the boots I bought in the holiday, some posts back. I can't wait for better weather, so that I can walk withproud in bare legs <3>
I came THIS CLOSE to buying one of those straw hats yesterday.. gurg. But I think I'll be able to find some much cuter in Japan, so the question is: Will I be able to wait?

When I was smaller I was really obsessed with anime&manga (like now...) and I didn't really carry crushes. But this dude underneath made my little heart flutter when I watched the Christmas show Jesus and Josefine, series of 24 episodes shown on each December day up till Christmas. I saw him today on the train, and he made a god-my-head-hurts-face and looked up from his PC and indirectly at me, while I was yawning. He smiled at the ironi and I smiled back. : D

This photo is old, but I couldn't find any better. He's more handsome now, and prettier irl than in pictures.

WOw, it sounds like I'm bragging...


4 kommentarer:

  1. I want to walk with bare legs too, the winter is so depressing when it comes to dressing up. :c .. Everything is so cold.

    Haha. sebastian from b-boys, you like him? xD

  2. Haha, yeah him... but not because of b-boys!

  3. That style is SOO cute! You'd fit it perfectly *-*

  4. HAHAHAHA aww crushes, Liv, crushes!!

    get a stråhat, it will be PERFECT for you! you will totally fit that style!