torsdag den 11. februar 2010

To buy or not to buy - and which?

I have been wanting to buy a DSLR camera. I just don't know which and if I really want to buy it. I'm going to Japan this July, so I really want to have loads of money to spend there and a camera is pretty pricey. The ones I've looked at are about 3-4000 DKK, about 700 USD.

Soo my dad found this review from a danish magazine called TÆNK - they are know to have quality reviews of all things. They pointed out Canos EOS 1000D to be the best. THIS.

But then one of my friends told me that it wasn't that good and another told me that Canon gives their best cameras small numbers like 6 og 60, the good cameras 600 and the least good numbers with 3 digits - like Canon EOS 1000D? So I'm kinda frustrated... Sascha told me to buy Canon EOS 450D. THIS.

Oh I dunno... and plus my dad was like :( when I told him that I might not want the camera he found...

I went to my japanese class today and we read the story of Urashima Taro and the Turtle and the Dragon Castle. It was all really down-to-earth and just fun. It's been a while since I had a relaxed lelationship with japanese as a language. HAPPY.


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  1. I want a buy a camera like these too..but im totally confused.. and i wanna spend good my money cause are so i wanna do the best choice :(

  2. I can't even begin to describe how much i love my camera! I've never regretted buying it, and i don't think you would regret it either!

    I bought the Nikon D40, June last year, and it is amazing :) if you aren't set on a Canon camera, the Nikon's are ones to look at!
    I don't know if they make the D40 anymore, but the D60 is really good as well! (my mother has that one ;)

  3. jeg må indrømme at jeg hælder mest til Nikon når det er spejlrefleks kameraer : )

    men det går jo alt sammen ud på hvordan kameraet ligger i hænderne og hvad man forventer af et kamera.

    jeg syns det er meget svært at vælge et kamera uden at have stået med det i hænderne.

  4. I've heard from some friends that they really regretted not buying Canon instead of Nikon, so I'd rather buy Canon - thanks otherwise girls.

    Yea, you really want to make the right choicce when spending that much money.. :P

  5. i currently own canon 350 d, and a friend of mine own canon 1000 d. they all said 1000 d are failure product and 350 d are better. but i personally think her photos are just way better than mine. and there's anther friend who i tho own more fancy camera, when she just use digital camera! i came to the conclusion that the camera doesn't really affect the photo result so much. the lens, the skill, and photoshop are helps haha. hope this help :)

  6. and i could choose what camera to buy, i would buy 500d. you can capture video with that too. imagine that, dslr video camera? niceeee :)