lørdag den 27. februar 2010

Social life with the problems coming along

So I went to my school's combined dress-your-classroom-up and year party yesterday. My class had voted for the theme of the class to be Las Vegas, but since we hadn't really started making any stuff for decorating we changed it to Slumberparty/movie night since it would be so much easier. We said to come in pyjamas and bring blankets and pillows to decorate. It ended up being Seline, Benedicte and myself that did all the decorating because everyone else came when the PARTY started instead of when the DECORATING started. And they didn't bring anything OR wear pyjamas.
I thought I couldn't be angry after the assault, but seems like my class does that to me...

Better picture of my outfit. My smile is so stiff, it seems so fake, haha ;o

Today I had a take-care-of-myself day. Took a warm tub bath for 1.5 hours and relaxed a lot. I took off my nails, which almost lasted for 2 weeks o.o, and they look horrible now. Man, reminds me of the reason I only use tips - that way only the upper half of my nail is damaged.

I'm pretty down to earth now, the chok of the assault is pretty much gone. Now it just seems like a dream, that I don't want to believe in.
I talked to the police yesterday in school and this Monday or Wednesday I'll be coming over to the primary school next to my high school to look at class pictures and see if I regognize anyone.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Your shirt is adorable :3
    Where do you have it from?

  2. Lol @ your class. I hate when people only want to party and don't want to help with the preparations -o-
    Your outfit is super cute by the way ♥

  3. Nu kan du intet skjule for mig længere Liv. Kærligst Seline