torsdag den 25. februar 2010

Harmony and chaos

From my Bali trip in 2007. I was smaller back then - 13 years old-, but I would never have been able to do something cruel at that time.. And we could just play with the delfins. They didn't fear us, they lived with the people of Bali in harmony.

I was assaulted yesterday in front of my school by a bunch of 10-year olds. I was so afraid, because I know children at Nørrebro- where my school is situated - walks around with knives on them. They kicked my friend and I and threw ice-snow at our heads. And tore a lot of hair out of my head on the right side. It hurt so much and I am still in chok... everything is chaotic.

Update over.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Holy shit, hvad sker der for børn nu til dags?? Det der er jo ret vildt D:

  2. Crazy!
    what do you do now?
    tell the headmaster? call the police?

  3. HOLY CRAP! Kids these days!
    You should report them to the police!!