søndag den 21. februar 2010

Break's over!

School starts again tomorrow. Back to drama and noise, yay = . = But I'll make the best of it :D

Things I've done this holiday:
  • Seen a lot of friends (parties does that, duh)
  • Relaxed A LOT
  • Watched way to much anime (I keep telling myself that I can watch just 1 more and... I've watched 3 seasons of Teen Titans and 1.5 of Avatar the Last Airbender. THIS IS PATHETIC, get a life XD but what can I say, I love manga&anime. And you can read manga + be gal just fine >:D REFER TO PICTUTRE)
  • Eaten so much sugar and candy, thanks to my uncle being a baker and always making too much cake for his kids' b-days so basically throwing 50000 calories down our throats.
  • Done a minimum of homework, I cannot believe we only had 2 hours of work
  • Bought too many things, need to spend less
Okay, the very random post will now end. I'm slightly hyper thanks to Sokka being so funny all the time(currently watching Avatar).


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