onsdag den 24. august 2011

Hot and COLD

Summer really returned to Denmark this weekend! The degrees were nice and warm again while the sun shone down on us. Of course I did everything I could to take in as much sun as possible!

Some weeks backs we went to the countryside to visit my grandparents and some friends of ours. They have a summer house near the sea and after eating a nice lunch we went down to it.

The "private" bridge and me screaming in the water. Boy, it was cold! I had only gone in the sea down in Malaga, and the temperature is a lot colder up here. But it was really nice to have done it - such a refreshing feeling!

It was a little cold even though I tried to fight my nerves with thoughts like "Why, it sure is warm"! So after a little while I put on my extra clothing.
But we hunted crabs too! It's probably THE most summery thing to do in my opinion. Every memory of a good summer vacation I have includes hunting crabs. I reckon you need quite a lot of time on your hands to do it, but it's just so relaxing and fun.

Trying to tan a little bit. I have turned pale again, since it's been a month since Malaga already! It is really annoying...
My father is relentlessly looking for crabs down under the bridge haha. By that time I had lost interest in it - after an hour it gets a little boring.

And homemade soda ice cream in Mickey Mouse container! I love those kind of ice creams, since they have a sort of healthy feeling to them. Haha, I know it sounds silly.

Gorgeous-looking butterflies and a single bumblebee from my grandparents garden.


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  1. I bet the water is super cold xD It always is in Denmark, haha~ But then it's good that we're all VIKINGS!