søndag den 4. september 2011

Wearing presenty food

Sørine and Abena returned from WCS in Japan and they'd brought me some gifts! I was really surprised, since I reckoned they'd just focus on themselves and the Summit. But I was very happy and wore the sweater the next day.

But I've got to tell you - Danish weather is PMS'ing at the moment. Some days are cold as fuck whereas others have sunshine and raised temperatures. It does make this sweater very weather-appropriate though, since it's holey and yet warm.

Yesterday I wore the TRALALA tee, since it was finally warm enough for short sleeves. And then something odd happened...
A woman came over to me in the metro and said that she loved how I looked and that she designed jewelery that would fit me oh so perfectly. She asked if she could give me one - I though she was talking about an advertising postcard - and I just accepted. Then she took out that little plastic plate and handed it to me. I didn't even get to thank her before she was out of the metro, since we were at her station.

I wasn't going to school at 12, so I had a lot of time on my hands in the morning. So I went to the new market that opened yesterday! It is called Torvehallerne (translated: The Square Halls) and is supposed to resemble the market halls in Barcelona etc.

But it looks like this, haha. To me, market halls are real cosy - but this one is way too designed to fit that description.
I'd thought it would be one big hall, but it was divided into two. One hall had all the sweet products and coffee, while the other had meat and fish etc.

The stalls are very simplistically designed as well.

A whole lot of the stalls offers luxurious products at great (read: high) prices. It seems sort of mall-ish at some points.

But I also went there to visit my friend Seline and her mother in their booth. They sell edible plants - so fun! When I had to eat that plant Seline is holding up, I felt like a was doing something very very wrong. It looks so pretty haha.

But it did taste good, so I bought some. No meat for me though!

A lot of places had tasting samples. So I was a real freeloader and took this cheese without any intention of buying a whole box. It's cheese with pesto! It was really good, surprisingly.

I really don't know if they can keep the business going. But it was very fun being there!


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  1. The nice lady was right, you look fantastic! :D so adorable <3