søndag den 21. august 2011

A Proud, Marvelling Figther

This week the Pride festival has taken place in Copenhagen and I stopped by the big party on City Hall Square yesterday. It's always SO crowded, so we decided to just move on.

I did get to take this guy's photo though. He was rather cool.
Even if it's just for a little while, I feel a need to attend the Pride every year. To show my support for their cause - free love.

Friday I went to Zulu Summer Cinema once again. This time to watch The Fighter with Rasmus!
This week the event took place on Tiøren, but since none of us had been there before we got lost and took a major deroute. We walked through some pretty deep mud too, as you can see by my sneaker!

And then, during the mid-movie intermission, the screen fell down. And we were all evacuated, since the crew wouldn't be able to control the screen's movements if the other half of the screen fell down as well. So we didn't get to watch the end. We were not pleased! And I really liked the movie...

But yesterday I bought some sale items in Disney Store that helped cheer me up, haha! Marvel cap and shoes! They rule so hard.

The cap cost me 20 DKK and the shoes 15! (I know it says 22 on the tag, but I have my Cast Member discount y'know.) I think they are my cheapest shoes ever. No wait, I think I bought some for 10 DKK once. But gosh, THAT. IS. CHEAP.

I love them already. So childish with the Velcro haha! But it is a size 36... I usually wear 39.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg er glad for at se du har det godt. Dine sko er pisse fede og sejt du gider tage til Pride <3


  3. Pride festival looks so colourful, haha! Love it!

    But wtf, crazy thing with the screen :I

    And I looove that you use your Cast Member discount on stuff that's already so cheap, hahaha xD
    Kickass cap btw!