fredag den 12. august 2011

Transforming a Captain

Yesterday I went to watch "Captain America: The First Avenger" with a small group of friends. Because Dennis had his Captain galla costume we all decided to dress up just a bit.

(I so love Jill's 3D glasses!)

Some wore red/white/blue things, others just fancy dress. It was great fun! The other people in the crowd loved the Captain, haha.

Before going to the cinema we ate hamburgers to get in touch with our American side ahhaha.

The movie was good! I laughed much more than I'd thought I would and we all loved how the old Captain uniform/tights and shield were incorporated into the new movie.

And I must admit I am a huge sucker for 40ies clothing and cars, so there was several points during the movie were I would just stare at Peggy's hair.

Stanley Tucci was in the movie as well! I just love him. He plays such a broad variation of characters, which is really admirably.
I was surprised at how the Skinny Steve did not look fake! It really does in the trailer, so I was dreading the fakeness - but then it just did not show itself. That was very cool!

The 3D worked wonders for this movie btw. The depth made it more interesting to watch bullets, shields and knives flying through the air.

Before leaving home, my hair looked like this. Then the wind attacked and as you can see in the picture above, my hair was flat upon arrival at the theater. But oh well. Rasmus kept calling me Emma Frost because I was so "white", haha. (I'd call it off-white or ivory, but whatever.)

Last week I went to watch Transformers 3 with my mother! We watched the first movie on Wednesday, the second on Thursday and then went to the cinema on Friday. It's really odd for my mother to like this type of action/sci-fi movies, but I was thrilled to go with her.

And oh my. Bloody HELL it was an amazing movie. Half the time I was staring at the screen, mouth wide open, and the other half I was wispering "nononononono,no,no,nonono" constantly. It really pumped my adrenaline around.

The scene in the office in the skyscraper. The time when Bee barely catches Sam and what's-his-name. When Sentinel goes evil. I loved it all. It took 3 hours for me to calm down. I am definately going to watch it again in the theater!


4 kommentarer:

  1. Kristine her, jeg kan stadig ikke altid finde ud af internettet.
    Jeg er glad for at du har det godt, bliv venligst ved med det <3

  2. I can't wait to watch it *__*

  3. You guys looked great :D I love it when people dress up in a movie theme when going to a premiere!

    Stupid win that destroyed your beautiful hair >:C And your should wear red lipstick more - it really suites you!

    And your review made me happy - I reserved tickets to Captain America in 3D a couple of days ago in and I was a bit scared that it might be crappy in 3D. Now I can't wait to see it in 3D :'D

  4. you are such a pretty nerd 8D <3