torsdag den 11. august 2011

Are you Genki?

This weekend Genki Con was held for the 3rd time. This year the location was in Roskilde, about an hour from where I live. So I decided to stay overnight the whole weekend even though the con was in "Copenhagen".
I was an hour late, since something was wrong with my train :C And when I finally arrived at the con, the line was sort of long and Astrid was pregnant.

Fortunately I was cosplaying Luna on Friday, so I just used the "depregno" spell... Counter curse for "impregno".
This weekend a lot of great costumes appeared. Mie and Kami wore a custom designed Vocaloid costumes.

Saturday arrived after a night with 0 sleep. I wore Paprika once again. Usually you forget to eat during cons, but I was so sleepy that I had to eat all the time to keep my energy levels high enough. Thankfully the location had a cafe and a restaurant with reasonably prices beverages and snacks.

They sold watermelon for example! We all agreed that it's THE new con-food.
The cosplay show was packed with good and entertaining acts. There was a The Emperor's New Groove group - they rocked and won.

The Genki Stage had a lot of new-to-conventions light, like spots and different colours and a lot of groups experimented with it. It was a very nice change and made it all more interesting.

We watched the auction. That tiny pillow - with a Lucky Star printed side - was sold for 480 DKK. CRAZY. It was really fun to see some of the items' prices being bid upwards and upwards.

Then Otaku Hour began around midnight. You have to eat terrible things in a hurry, gets punishment push-ups and constantly fights for survival in the competition. Two of my friends participated - so fun to see them stress about it all!

Sunday "the crew" dressed up as Fancy Supers. It was such a nice idea! We went to take some photos.

Yep, I was sacrificing myself for good photos. But it was all good fun.

Sunday was a really relaxing day. The weather was really nice and we had all sort of agreed to just enjoy the last day with no stress. Enjoying a massage circle here.

The weekend's polaroids. Me with "the crew" in Okama Boys cosplays, me with Kristine and Emma and Astrid and yours truly.

I had a really good weekend!


3 kommentarer:

  1. Tak for en god weekend <3
    Jeg elsker hvor glad du ser ud i forhold til Emma og jeg ;D

  2. Ffffuuu all the lovely pictures <3

  3. Pregnant Astrid and sexay Mie. Oh yes 8D

    And laying on the ground when taking pictures isn't a sacrifice. It's normal. In my world, at least xD

    Looove your polaroids btw!!