torsdag den 4. august 2011

Guess an outfit!

I am fighting my way back to the present in my blogging. It's just kind of hard! This outfit was from some weeks back, where I went to a J-fashion meet-up organized by my dearest Kristine.

Seriosuly, the last time I wore this hairdo was on that picture in the sidebar. And that's about a year or 18 months ago. So weird, since I love the feeling of these babies on the sides of my head!

I aired out my new heart sunglasses for the first time too! They cost me 20 DKK on sale, haha. The design was cute and I really like how they're not red or pink.

We went to Frederiksberg Gardens and amongst other things we did some rounds of charades. My first thought when Kristine did one of her impersonations were "Harry Potter", since he does that "pincers" thing in HBP, and now I just cannot think back to what the correct answer was haha.
Pernille looks awesome in that photo!

Me doing THE FORCE aka Darth Wader and someone guessing it right.

Oh, and these 5 photos were taken by the lovely Sabrina.

Some posts back I promised to show you some of my new clothes from Malaga. Well, the blazer, top and shorts are all new ! I'm really loving those shorts.


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