fredag den 19. august 2011

Green office

While in Malaga, I tried on a pencil skirt for the first time in Mango. And since I've been thinking lately that every woman/girl ought to have at least one as part of their wardrobe, I bought it. And yesterday I wore it out. My class mates were so surprised haha! It is a very different look...
Also, I did my nails for the first time in about 2 months. I can't wear colorful nails in Disney and I'm too much of a one-week-nails-girl to remove the polish two times a week. Boy, it feels good to have them polished again! I feel happy whenever I look down on them.

And on to a wholly different matter. I went to watch The Green Lantern yesterday, as it premiered in Denmark on the 18th. We were 7 girls together but other than us the theater was dominated by men. So entertaining to hear manly laughs/grunts all the time.

It was all right. Not really good but not complete shit either.
Things I liked: The soundtrack, the old-school-comic feel of the movie, Blake Lively's pretty face (she is GOR-GE-OUS) and the sometimes smart dialogue.
Things I did not like: Slow start on the plot, too quick end/win, the fugly mask on Ryan's face and Blake's character's non-existing degree of independence.


3 kommentarer:

  1. I've always loved pencil skirts - I want more of them ü They're sooo sexy, mature and elegant!

    And I'm actually surprised to hear that there were most guys at the premiere - I thought girls would be all over this movie because of Ryan Reynolds xD

  2. It rather suits you, that look!
    And I'm actually looking forward to getting to watch that movie, even though I've heard it isn't the best ever :b