mandag den 15. august 2011

Cinematic Zulu

Last Wednesday I went to TV2 Zulu (a telly channel)'s summer event with a bunch of friends. It's an outdoor theater which tours the big Danish cities. By now it's reached Copenhagen - obviously. They are showing some big Oscar movies this year and to be honest with you all, there's quite a few I have yet to watch. Which is why I went last week - they were screening The Social Network, you see!

Of course I'd heard about a million good things about this picture. But I'd heard it was boring as well. So I was surprised at how swell and ever so entertaining I found it to be! I laughed a lot at the dialogue, since they were biting each others' heads off with their words.
Also, it was so odd to be taken back a few years. I already cannot remember a time without Facebook. It was weird to see its growth portrayed like this.

But it was bloody cold. We'd brought some blankets, but it was just NOT enough when the movie ended at midnight and it had been dripping rain from the sky ever so often. By the end of the movie, my body was shaking and my teeth were chattering. Which explains my red nose in the upper photo.

It really has been raining an awful lot lately. It's AUGUST! It's supposed to be sunny and hot right now! It feels like I've been back in school for months already - that darn weather messing up my season rhythm.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Det lader til jeg skal se le social network ~

  2. Stupid Danish weather :c Too bad you had to freeze so much!
    And The Social Network is awesome :'D Love the score-soundtrack so much!

    It's so weird to hear about all the rain you've had these days! We just have sun a great weather, haha~