torsdag den 2. juni 2011

Bracing success

The weather has been pretty great these days. Sunny and summery temperatures! I bought that dress last week and felt the urge to use it when the weather was basically telling me to be all undressed.

This past week has been crazy though. From Friday and onwards I studied for my mathematics exam, the exam I was dreading like no other. And yesterday, Wednesday, I went to the examination...

And I got a 12!! That's A+/the highest grade possible. Boy, I am so happy. I felt I'd made a lot of mistakes and was counting on a much lower grade. So I was really surprised!
My parents bought me some sunflowers, probably my favourite flower, and a cake in order to celebrate.

Though, I went out with my Disney colleagues instead. So we celebrated this morning.
Doesn't the flowers match Woody wonderfully?

Why did I go out my my Disneys you ask? Because I was in training Monday-Wednesday from 9-6 every day (which just made studying for the exam harder and made me terribly nervous. But I must have done well, despite all the stress in my body) and therefore just stayed together after work.

One of the training days I wore one of my Mickey shirts! A lot of the others wore Disney clothing as well. Haha, showing off our love for our new job!

They had a lot of glitter things laying around. Some was shaped like Mickey, which we all thought was very cool. And at some point during yesterday someone must have put some of the stars in my hair because I found these three in it this morning. I think its remarkable that they're still there after a long night and sleeping...

Take a good look at my mouth. You see the braces in there? Yes. Those are gone now!!!!!!!!!!!


3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, congratulations! I know the feeling of getting the braces off, I got mine off last off! So happy!

    And I love your style!

  2. Gratz on your grade! Wow!

    Can't wait to see you without braces ö