torsdag den 16. juni 2011

Opening the magic

Today was the grand opening of my dear Disney Store here in Copenhagen. We - the cast members - were so excited! A lot of us couldn't sleep last night because of the butterflies in our stomachs, haha. But when the clock neared 11 AM, we were ready to go!

Here I am, in all my retarded "Hi there!"-glory. Wearing a cute Disney Store Mickey-hat. All the guests just had to stroll down the pixie dust path to see the whole store... I so love the magical trees!

So many people showed up! I'd say about 200 around the time of the opening ceremony. And some people had to wait for 45 minutes in line before entering the store... wow! Lucky to be on the inside, haha.
A lot of my friends showed up to see the store - some in their Disney costumes! So awesome. My fellow cast members were thrilled to see them!! They all thought I had such amazing friends, haha.

My nice fellow cast members. Gosh, that Buzz mask is brilliant!

My friend Zozo drew "herself" and so did Jack Skellington and they gave us the drawings. We're going to hang them on our wall in the Cast room! It'll be fabulous.

We're almost like a family in the store already. After 3 weeks of working together. It's great. Really.

Haha, the light in the Theatre is real nice. You seem to have wicked skin colours!

I bought some items today. With my discount! The "Wonder" fragrance for plushies and such, a Tinker-mug, Dumbo plush and three DVDs I used to watch at friends' houses but now just can't live without owning.

Also, I got 12 (A) on my final exam this year! My summer break has officially begun.


9 kommentarer:

  1. Tillykke med det hele min skat <3

  2. Hvor ser det awesome ud! :D Glæder mig til at se butikken på lørdag!

    Tillykke med din karakter! :D



  4. Looks and sounds like lots of fun :'D And it's good to hear that your work almost feels like family!
    But I have to say - I laughed my a$$ off when I saw the picture of Lasse and Stella. The woman behind Stella is looking at her all like "Is that tall girl wearing Mickey-ears? GROSS" X'D

    Ohh, and the cosplayers are sooo cool! Especially the Jack-one *-* I remember praising his cosplay a lot at J-Popcon as well, haha~

  5. TILLYKKE!! ^o^/ Jeg gik forbi idag og så den enorme kø og så gav jeg op.. Disney store har vel også åbent andre dage!!! XD

  6. Will so come and visit you and your disney-family once :D but only if you promise to do your 'hi-there' face XD <3

    Love on the Dumbo plushie <3
    (Even though I can't watch the movie without crying - big time!)

    Tillykke med 12-tallet! :D

  7. Working at a Disney store sounds like so much fun!!

    We had 2 of them in town in the past but both of them closed down :(( I was so sad when I found that out.

    The tinker cup looks so cute!

  8. Ser ud af meget sjov! :)
    Hvis man nu godt kunne tænke sig job i disney store - CPH. hvordan skal man så ansøge? jeg mener, man kan ikke gøre det via jeres hjemmeside?

    - Mvh M. :)

  9. Man skal aflevere en ansøgning + CV ved kassen ;D men lige nu søger vi ikke lige.