onsdag den 22. juni 2011

Icy noslagia

My parents took me out to celebrate my turning 18. We went to Wagamama and then to the cinema. I had spent the first half of the day alone and was feeling kind of down for unknown reasons and that really wasn't nice seeing as it was my birthday. But I invited Rikke to tag along with us and my birthday turned out nice after all.

The food there is always pretty delicious. And because we were there early the place was almost empty. Really a nice and calm atmosphere.
That dessert was excellent. But it was good I shared it with Rikke! Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to clear the plate haha.

We saw X-men: first class. I really wanted to see it before it went off the big screens and it was a nice birthday-movie. X-men is something I've been following for the longest time. I remember being a little girl watching x-men: evolution with eyes wide open. I love the characters, their designs and the plot - always have, always will. And this movie was no let-down in any of those aspects.

It was a good movie, but I wasn't blown away. Emma Frost has always interested me and she was maybe the only disappointing thing in the movie - due to my huge expectations.
It was really odd seeing Professor X with moving legs AND hair. But lovely to see a good deal of jokes on the matter throughout the film.
And also... I could not stop thinking "Hannah Montana" every time I saw Lucas Till aka Havok...

On to a whole other matter. I pre-ordered Dear Mr. Potter today!


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  1. Godt at se du fik en god dag alligevel <3

  2. I'm glad you had a nice day ^-^! Happy birthday!
    The food looks really nice!!