fredag den 24. juni 2011

Dream of Paris

I just wanted to spam you darlings with my happiness. I really love working in Disney.

With that said I will now tell you that my favourite part of the Store's day is around the closing hour. Which may sound a bit odd, I know. But I love the transformation of the Store - every thing turns blue and the moon and stars appear. You see, I've always loved the night sky.
(The following 5 photos are taken off

I also neglected to inform you that I took place in the Opening Ceremony on the Grand Opening. That is my insanely happy face just there. Our special opening-child was so adorable - I showed her around the Store and put her in the Sleeping Beauty dress before the opening. She was so baffled by all the magical things around her - so cute!

Me and my fellow Cast Members. We look splendid, if we say so ourselves. I have been called a poser though, haha.

Apparently I excel in regars to the magic mirror. Or at least I've been spending a lot of time there. Perhaps it's because the picture on the right was in the newspapers..?

And now to something completely different:


I'm participating in this year's Japan Expo. I'm looking so much forward to it! And right now I'm working on my Paprika cosplay. The con is holding a memorial for Satoshi Kon, R.I.P., and I wanted to take part somehow. I love his films, but Paprika most of all (dream-thrillers are excellent).


3 kommentarer:

  1. Tillykke min skat! Det lyder fantastisk altsammen :D

  2. Enig med Kristine! det lyder fantastisk alt sammen..!

    R.I.P Satoshi Kon :'( syntes det er vildt fedt at du vil cosplaye fra Paprika! har altid været kæmpe fan af hans film. Du er så sej Liv! ;D <3

  3. Awwwwwh, the stars in the trees look very magical!!

    And I love the photos of you. You look so happy with your job :D And the last picture of you where you're sitting down - at first I thought that Aurora's reflection in the "mirror" was your reflection, haha :'D