mandag den 20. juni 2011

Longest birthday celebration EVER

As of today I am 18 years old. Which makes me able to vote at elections, to take my driving license and to go clubbing (legally). Saturday I had a birthday party for a bunch of my friends. I think we were 30 people or so.

Astrid came all the way from Aalborg to participate in the Disney Store opening and my party. Bless her! I was so happy that she was there for me. It's so much more fun prepping for a party when someone's there beside you.

The party started at 8 and the last to go went at 4 in the morning. I look upon that as the party being a success!

I had actually planned it to be a garden party. But because of rain in the weather forecast it turned into a indoor + terrace party. But it all worked out fine. It seemed as if people liked the opportunity to go outside.

One of my dear classmates came walking in through my door with that huge package and I nearly fainted haha. I'd jokingly said that if I were to get a Nimbus 2000 broom it would be brilliant to wrap it in just like in the movie. And so she did haha!

My father made a small fireplace and later in the evening we used it to warm our marshmallows! It tasted magnificent! It had been years since I last had melted marshmallows...

There were so many people. And from different parts of mt life. There were friends from my class, from conventions and even from Disney Store! It was really great to see it was possible for all of them to get along.

It's funny how incredibly drunk one (read: me) can look even though I don't drink alcoholic drinks at all... You got to love my friends though. I don't think I look too misplaced in that last picture because of their funny expressions...

I'm just so happy that so many people were able to come.

I took loads of polaroid pictures!

Some babes of mine <3

As you might have been able to read from further up... I received TWO Nimbus 2000 1:1 scale brooms. One from my "anime"-friends and one from my classmates. Which is bloody crazy. I'm so incredibly happy though!!! I've known exactly where to put my Nimbus for months!

So perfectly pretty. I could stare at it for hours haha.

I got so many presents and I love them all! Usually you have to exchange a few but I want none of that. I've got amazing friends...

This morning my parents woke me up with a song and took my downstairs. We always have this huge breakfast table with all the presents stacked up in the middle. My semi-aunt and -uncle was also there.
I got way too many good presents. Comics, a tripod, jewelery, Jane Austen's works... And a trip by flight to where ever I decide. The last one was from my semis and I think that is a humongous gift!

I'm so grateful for all my gifts and all the happy memories I have with my friends and family. I wish for them to continually increase in numbers...


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  1. Tillykke med fødselsdagen igen min skat. Jeg er så glad for at du har haft en god dag og dine gaver ser så seje ud <3

  2. Happy birthday ! :D
    Our birthday dates are quite near~ I'll be 18 on the 23rd ^^^
    Looks like you had an awesome party ♥

  3. happy birthday!! That party looks like fun =)
    and your presents are so great ^-^

  4. GLÆDELIG FØDSELSDAG IGEN LIV, kom du I Disney Store og fik en klap-sang? :D :D :D <3

  5. Tillykke med fødselsdagen igen <3 Du ser helt fantastisk ud på billederne! Og festen ser osse super dejlig ud + det er nogle GODE (meget gode) gaver!

  6. Sorry I couldn't be at either the Disney opening or at your birthday <3 cuz it seemed like SO much fun! A very happy birthday from me *hug* <3

  7. Tillykke med fødselsdagen kære Liv :D
    Iiiih det lyder til at du har haft en dejlig dag, og har fået masser af gode gaver :)

    Håber snart at se dig igen <3

  8. You old woman, you'll start get wrinkles soon like the rest of us!

    I'm happy to read/see that you had such a great party :D And two HP-broomsticks - what are the odds?!?! Haha, awesome! The other gifts are lovely as well!
    But stupid rain >:C It always rains when you wish it wouldn't.