lørdag den 28. maj 2011

Melting misfits

So what have I been up to these days? Well, I've been watching a little bit (read: all of) the British tv series Misfits! More than half a year ago one of my girls told me a lot about it and I just knew I had to watch it. It took a while for me to actually start seeing it, but then I'd seen it all in two days!
I really am such a marathoner. I can't stop watching if I know there's more.

Misfits is about 5 convicted youngsters in community service. None of them have known each other beforehand but when they're at the community center a violent storm travels part London. Little by little the youngsters discover that they have been granted powers - one can read minds, another can turn invisible. But the powers bring the lot of them in some rub and suddenly they've got more than puny little crimes on their criminal records - and only strangers to rely on.

I think it's spectacular. Drama, violence, romance, humor, increasingly great acting - what more can I ask? The plot twists, turns and rewinds all the time and I never knew where the story would go next! Mighty fine series indeed. How am I supposed to wait until bloody September for season 3?!

Other than watching this excellent show I've been having a little project in the rain. I bought some shrink plastic and experimented a little bit with it...

I've been wanting one of those melting "chanel" necklaces for a long while. And I decided it was time to try and make one myself. So I found an image of the logo, printed it out in my desired size and cut it out in the shrink plastic! It shrinks to 1/3 of the original size and you're not supposed to make anything bigger than 12 cm in the original size... And my pendant was twice as big haha.

I think I did all right!

I've been off make-up for the past week or so. My allergies for grass etc. have returned after one blissful year without them. And my eyes have been so heavy and swollen all week long. Please go away soon, stupid grass!

But then it really cheers you up when your parents leave you bread + muffins from the bakery - and even accompanied by one of my father's cheesy drawings I've grown up with.

Until next time...


3 kommentarer:

  1. Nu får jeg jo helt lyst til at se Misfits altså

  2. I remember being forced to watch the first 4 episodes of Misfits like 1½ year ago :'D

    That necklace is awesome! Shrink plastic? Sounds weird, haha!

  3. I watch so many series ! Maybe I'll find the time to start this one during summer holidays ! =)