søndag den 12. juni 2011

Salsa + Disney = ??

All of this week was pretty much spent in Disney Store. We say it in the rough Tuesday and started dolling it up thereafter. Now it's all shiny and ready to open! Can't wait for the grand opening...!
But yesterday our dear boss granted us one hour of free time because the Copenhagen Carnival was happening just outside our doors...

So much bare skin, haha! The salsa rythms were very welcomed after 3 days of constant Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.

Loved the look of the blonde one. Such a beauty!

Look at that child on the left - hahaha, that expression made my day!

These guys were sweating so much... it was really warm which was perfect for the "nudes" but not so much for there Aztec-themed people...

Roman-guy is brilliant.

I can still hear the beat!! It was very fun to look at and a nice break from Disney world.

I am now headed to the cinema to watch Pirates 4 with my mom. I am actually looking forward to it!


3 kommentarer:

  1. Seeing danish women in such outfits is just..wrong :c In an ugly way, haha!

  2. Looots of looots colours 8D haha love it <3