mandag den 24. maj 2010

Bare-legged feelings

The weather in Copenhagen this past week has been amazingly good. It was warm enough to not wear any leggins etc.! I cannot describe how good it felt to finally have bare legs. It was like freedom.

Yea, as you can see I kinda went crazy with the florals. These outfits are from the weekdays, so in 5 days I wore floral 3 times. And I want more.

I've been thinking about buying one of those see-through floral tops. H&M have had some, but I decided not to buy one because they were only in black and white. But then I saw some in Føtex - haha- in color for only 25 DKK and I bought those.
I also bought that Star Wars shirt. It's in XXL because I wanted it to be a long top/dress.

Right now I am going through the pictures from - the comic convention I went to this weekend. I'll probably make an entry about that later.


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  1. Du ser SÅ sød ud! Cutie <3 Og ja, det varme vejr er så nice!