tirsdag den 18. maj 2010

I haven't bought anything in 10 days = Joy?

Yesterday I got a phonecall from my new boss. Yes, that's right - I have been hired in H&M! I'll start the 2nd of June. I'm looking forward to a work place with more differency, but I'm really going to miss the loveable atmosphere in my bookstore. It'll be hard to go resign tomorrow.

Today I hung out with Sørine. I've missed her so bad and we haven't had time for each other but now we finally had. We ate ice cream on my terrace and watched The Prince of Egypt and laughed at flaming bushes and pantyshots. Nice times.

Yesterday I had four full hours between my classes. And I stayed in school the whole time because it takes to long for me to go home and back - it's a waste of time. And what did I spend the time on? Blogging and fangirling over Avatar, haha <3


8 kommentarer:

  1. Iiih, nogle søde hoppe billeder <3 Du er så happyhappy. Og Sørine er et vildt nuttet navn, har aldrig hørt det før!
    Kender godt det med mellemmoduler.. de sucks D: jeg har den dårlige vane, med bare at tage hjem og blive hjemme, haha.

  2. CONGRATS TO THE NEW JOB ♥ AND woaw you look pretty ♥ Wont it be hard to not buy anything working around clothes?

  3. Congrats about the new job, love the braid hair style!

  4. Congratulations!!
    I also just got a new job :D
    Which H&M will you work in??

  5. Congratz with the new job!!!!! :D I'm so happy for you! Working in a clothes store, I wanna do that too!

  6. TIlLYKKE med dit nye arbejde ^_____________^
    Det lyder mega nice!!!

    Aw, dig og Sørine er sjåååå sjøøøde at se på =w=