tirsdag den 11. maj 2010

In the company of SVScon

This weekend SVScon was held in Herning. It's a 3-day convention and this was it's 3rd year.
It usually takes 3.5 hours by train to get there, but because of some wierd maintenance work on the trails it took us 4.5 hours - we had to take a bus at some point.

I cosplayed Ponyo with Astrid. She lives in Aalborg, 8 hours or something away from Copenhagen. So we didn't sow together and practice our act together. WHich made us kind of nervous. But I loved cosplaying with her and we ended up winning the Best Act award in the Cosplay Competition. I AM SO HAPPY <3

SVS was held in a big place, and it was kind of confusing at first. Also, the con was really low on events so it was the people that made the con great.
It was sooo hot all the time, so we ate ice cream to cool down.

I was beat when I returned home. But in my absence my cherry tree had bloomed and the sunset was so beautiful.
This year's SVS was so sweet.


6 kommentarer:

  1. Elsker alle dine billeder fra SVS! Og vores kirsebærtræ blomstrer også nu, det er vildt flot :)

  2. Jeg elsker dit kostume! :D Og tillykke med prisen ;) hihihi

  3. YOUR PONYO WAS AMAZING ;__; You fit the role PER-FECT-LY!! Can't wait to have a photoshoot with you and Astrid ♥
    Your act really deserved the price! It was so amazing. I REALLY hope someone filmed it, I want to see it again and again and again..

    8 hours? XD Wtf, last time I took the train to Copenhagen it took 4 hours in total XD And 45 minutes if you fly!

  4. I loved cosplaying with you, I WANNA COSPLAY MOAR WITH YOU <3

  5. Zarsu - What, 4 hours to Aalborg?! I was like "Århus i 3 hours away, and there's double as long to Aalborg so that must be over 6 hours..."

    Thank youuu guys <3

  6. I'm so fucking proud. You two did a good job on costumes, wish I could've been there to see the act )':