torsdag den 20. maj 2010

School - school = still school

Seline from my class and I. Yea, we have nothing better to do. That's what 4 hours between classes does to you.
I love how everyone can become animu (anime-like) now. Not.

Kaijiiii - an anime where the characters have giant noses.

Yesterday I went to my job place and said I'll have to leave. I actually ended up crying, because I love it so much there. But of course they were so sweet and loving and just gave me lots of hugs and told me they loved me as their co-worker.
It'll feel a little wierd to continue working there until the 31st, because I know I'm not going to stay there.


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  2. hvordan fik du photobooth effekt!!

  3. That looks like so much fun XDDDD ♥