fredag den 20. maj 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling

School has ended. The last party was held this Monday and we all tried to have the most amazing time of the year. That wasn't obtained, but I did have a blast. The DJs played Daft Punk - this made me very happy. And then they had some remixes with Grease music and sequences from The Lion King... kind of odd to dance to, but very entertaining.

A week ago - still during school - we had almost the whole day off because one of our teachers had the flu or something. Some of the girls and I went to a sunny spot and treated ourselves to homemade Oreo ice cream. Yummy!

After about 4 hours we realized that we didn't have any sun screen on and started to cover up. Of course it was a little too late - but I didn't get all that red.
It was so bloody relaxing haha! Just what we all needed.

These past days I've just pumped out all the stress from my body (hanging out with friends)and I'm happy to say that it's almost gone. I'm also very collected about my examination plan. Good stuff!

Yesterday I went to Louise's ** year b-day! It was nice talking to dear ones and new faces. It was a small party, but a very good one.
The others went on clubbing. The club had a themed night, something about a Hollywood theme - Stella had totally dressed up! Her hair was amazing.

Boy, that bottle of sangria was humongous!

I had fun! A shame I had to turn in early and go home - but I had to get up this morning and bake, bake, bake. You see, I'm celebrating my birthday with my mother and we're having a family gathering. She's turning 40 and I'm soon-to-be 18...


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  1. Det lyder så dejligt at du har fået slappet rigtig af, det trængte du osse til <3

    Tak for at du kom til min fødselsdag <3 Blev så mega glad, altså!

  2. Ej, hvor er du sød Liv <3 har du ikke flere gode billeder fra hjemme hos Louise? Eller de er måske mest rystede? haha :D
    Håber det gik godt med at bage <3