mandag den 16. maj 2011

Weekend happenings

This weekend went by quickly, but for the first time in ages I could not care less - because today was my last day of school! Now the study vacation begins - the period in which we will study for our exams. Me and my freckles have been looking forward to this...

I started the weekend off by going to the movies with two good friends Friday. We watched Limitless - a movie that I had thought looked like the worst kind of cliched action before watching the trailer. It was really cool! The plot moved forward too slow at some points - but the excellent soundtrack and the colour editing made up for that! Go see itttt.

I went to a cousin's confirmation Sunday. Most of my family lives away from my home, so we had to drive up there. The sky looked bogus - I could actually see that it was raining 1 km further ahead. Which explains the rainbow.

It was very well-planned and there were so many songs in her honour! This is a tradition here - the family write lyrics to the melody of well-known songs and they are most often about the past childhood and the coming greatness of the "child".

The last thing to report from the weekend was the leek party I attended at Jeongie's and Mads' place. Everyone had to bring a leek and they - emphasizes on THEY - ended up making juice and all kinds of things out of them...

I had a great time! It was fun talking with old friends and some to-bees (?).

I'd really wanted to make my hair full of volume and grand curls but I didn't have the time for that. So I had to find another solution... And boy, do I look like my mother like this. It's really odd to see such a big resemblance.

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I'll finally turn in now - my examinations and year-end grades were announced just now around midnight and I wanted to see them before going to sleep. I'm pretty content.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Dejligt med læseferie <3

    Men du har da osse nået meget i weekenden, no wonder it went by so fast !

  2. Læseferiøøøøh <3
    Hvor ser du pæn ud :D

  3. Skulle lige til at sige det selv: Du ligner VIRKELIG din mor på de her billeder, haha! Tror begge vi kommer til at ligne de gamle mere og mere med alderen.. :'3 Og fuuuu, jeg vil også have læseferie... T_T Leek-juice? Well that sounds.. interesting.. XD

    og så læste jeg hvad du skrev, haha <3
    Du er så flot :( <3

  5. You finally saw Limitless? I love the filming and editing - so mindblowing!!

    So many parties - sounds like lots of fun :D

    ..and you really DO look like your mom o_o